OSHA Recoradble Incident Free - “Safety First” is “Safety Always.” -Charles M. Hayes After two years, eight months and twenty-seven days Penhall’s Seattle branch has demonstrated what it means to be an industry leader. After recently being awarded 1,000 days OSHA Recordable Incident free work
Seattle Team executes Demolition of I-90 Bridge over Rainier Ave. - Our team is busy completing demolition work on the I-90 Bridge over Rainier Ave. Stay tuned for the full story… In the meantime, check out this short video highlighting our work thus far!      
Four Phone Apps for Construction Safety - At Penhall Technologies, we value new and innovative ways to keep our team safe. We researched the latest apps for construction safety that will help you accomplish that for your team. These are our recommendations. Safety Meeting Safety Meeting App
Ground Penetrating Radar Used To Locate Unmarked Graves - Our South Carolina Analyst started the year with an interesting project, locating unmarked burial sites. A church wanted to know the location of all possible unmarked burials to update the information they have on available space. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Digital Concrete X-ray – Common Misconceptions - You are ready to inspect the concrete for your project using digital concrete x-ray. However, you may have heard or read some information about the service before. This could make you hesitant or not fully confident in this state of
Three Reasons Why You Should Scan First - A lot of underground hazards lie beneath the surface you will be working on. It is essential to scan first to avoid all of the following scenarios we will touch on. Hitting a utility line Hitting a utility line during
Penhall Technologies To Offer Digital Concrete X-Ray Services In Multiple Locations - Penhall Technologies, a division of Penhall Company, is excited to announce the launch of digital concrete x-ray services in their local Washington DC, Maryland, Las Vegas, San Francisco- Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego branches. They are one of
Top 5 reasons homeowners call in for private utility locating - Are you wondering if you need to use private utility locating services? Here are the most common reasons why our clients hire us for their locating needs. 811 won’t do the locate 811 is a public utility locator. They can
Employee Spotlight – Stella McAdams - Stella McAdams is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Penhall Technologies, specializing in concrete scanning, utility locating, and digital x-ray. Stella has experienced a lot of growth professionally while working for Penhall. In just three years, she went from being
How to Find a Leak in a Water Pipe - Our clients often call us asking if we can locate a water leak with our utility locating equipment. While this technology doesn’t give us the exact location of the leak, there are different ways to detect it. According to the
Kari Frumento – Employee Spotlight - Kari has worked at Penhall for three years. She is the Administrative Services Manager for Penhall Technologies. What does a typical day look like for you? My day starts by taking my son to day care in the morning. I
Scanning Concrete from a Vehicle Mounted Boom Lift - Our Santa Clara office performed concrete scanning services for a local overpass project. The bridge needed a new water pipe installed. This pipe had to be installed on the side of the bridge due to seismic regulations. To ensure safety
Penhall Company Involved at the Westin Hotel Demolition - Construction has begun for a new luxury Westin hotel in Anaheim, CA. The project is taking place at the previous location of the Anabella Hotel, which Penhall took down to make room for the $245 million project. The project is
FAQ – Concrete Scanning and Underground Utility Locating - There is usually a lot to cover when deciding to utilize concrete scanning or underground utility locating services. We put together this list to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction for your project. How long will
10 terms you need to know to better understand concrete scanning and utility locating - Concrete scanning and underground utility locating are a must when performing any excavating, coring, drilling on concrete or on any other surface. If you are still deciding whether or not to utilize this service, this list will help you understand
Employee Spotlight – Kent Kuehl - What does a typical day look like for you? I meet up with my client and after a firm hand shake, we discuss the extent of the job. This is when the fun begins. I scan the concrete and analyze
The Use of Utility Locating Services in Hurricane Harvey’s Relief Efforts - Last week, Penhall Technologies had the opportunity to participate in the efforts for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We performed our services at the NRG Center in Houston, which hosts the largest emergency shelter in the city. First of all,
Four Reasons Why Concrete Scanning Is Essential For Your Project - Concrete scanning is a method that finds subsurface hazards through the use of GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar). Some of the objects that GPR detects during scanning include: pipes, conduits, post tension cables, utilities, live wires, rebar, and voids, among others.
What to Expect – Concrete Scanning for Your Construction Project - Deciding to scan concrete for your project was a smart decision for many reasons. It saves you time by knowing where to exactly cut, drill, or core. It saves money by preventing damages. And, most importantly, it keeps your project
Employee Spotlight – Rachel Sturges - Meet Rachel Sturges, our Austin GPR analyst. Rachel is committed to bring you accurate scanning results to ensure safety in your project. She has worked at Penhall Technologies for almost two years, so she understands the importance of scanning first
Case Study – Underground Utility Locating Using GPR and Electromagnetic Detection - When conducting underground utility locating services, Penhall Technologies uses two types of technology: Ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic detection (EM). Both of these are great resources for locating underground utilities. GPR locates underground utilities by emitting radar waves into
GPR or X-Ray – How to Determine What Your Project Needs -   Now that you have decided to scan first, you might be wondering what suits your project’s needs: Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) or digital X-Ray? Penhall Technologies offers GPR services nationwide, and X-Ray services in Seattle, San Diego, and Los
GPR Concrete Scanning Common Misconceptions - Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a very effective scanning method to ensure safety when coring or cutting into concrete. However, there are still a lot of misconceptions about what GPR can and cannot do. This list will help you understand
What to Expect – Home Underground Utility Locating - When you started your home project, you didn’t imagine that you would need our private underground utility locating services. To ensure that you don’t hit any utility lines, it is important to scan the area first. Damaging utility lines can
Safety Tips – How to Protect Yourself from the Heat at a Jobsite - With summer temperatures rising, it is important to be aware of the heat and how it can affect your body. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), outdoor workers are an especially vulnerable group from the effects
Private Utility Locating – Tool Review Equipped with GPR and Electromagnetic Systems to Ensure Efficiency in Utility Locating - At Penhall Technologies, our analysts use several types of equipment for optimum accuracy for our underground utility locating services.  The following are a couple of the tools that an analyst may use on any given jobsite.   RD 7000 Series
Case Study: How Concrete Scanning Can Assist with Locating Structural Reinforcing - At Penhall, safety is our #1 priority. So we didn’t hesitate to help when a general contractor called us to help out with an investigation of a potentially hazardous project. He suspected of safety issues in the construction of a
Penhall Company Continues its Growth in the Washington DC Market by Adding an Office in Upper Marlboro, MD - Penhall has been the go-to concrete services partner for a wide-range of industries since 1957. What began as a single flat saw operation has developed into an expansive offering of concrete solutions, including concrete scanning & utility locating, cutting, sawing and breaking/removal.
5 Factors that Affect GPR in Underground Utility Locating - When looking for a utility line locator to locate anything from underground water lines, gas lines, electrical/power lines to underground storage tanks, it is a good idea to know the capabilities and limitations of the technologies used in those detection
FAQ: Private Underground Utility Locating - When it comes to our private undergroud utility locating services, we know you have questions, and we have answers! Why do I need to contact a private locator, like Penhall Technologies, if 811 is available? It is a good idea