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Equipment and Pre-Task Planning: Important Questions to Ask

Pre-Task Planning (PTP) is the process of identifying three main things: The task to be completed. The potential hazards that could be associated with the completion of the task. The corrective measures that need to be put in to place

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A History Lesson in Concrete

While some of the most famous ancient concrete buildings come from the Roman Empire and were built as early as 300 BC, the use of cement, one of the main components of concrete, has been found over two thousand years

Keeping Public Roads Safe and in Good Condition

The True Costs Behind Poor Conditioned Roads Each year, The United States Department of Transportation releases an annual report (updated quarterly) on National Transportation Statistics. This 500+ page document has more than 260 data tables. The report provides data on:

5 Pillars of Mentoring in Concrete Construction

By: Ray Dickinson I think Ben Franklin said it best: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Achieving and maintaining one of the best safety records in the construction industry does

Three Things to Look for in Structural Scanning

By: Len Lafond When done competently, structural scanning can help customers save time and expense. But if the ground penetrating radar process is incomplete, potential hazards and interferences in the slab can damage the infrastructure, cause worker injury, and have

What Penhall and the Pantheon Have in Common

Did you know that humans have used concrete for millennia? Its basic ingredients actually date back to ancient Egypt. One of the finest examples of concrete use survives to this day – the Pantheon in Rome. This amazing architectural feat