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Seismic Retrofitting isn’t just for Californians anymore-Portland Oregon starts the road to retrofitting.

As many southern and bay area Californians have recently experienced seismic retrofitting is a part of a new reality. Many structures that lack the support needed to withstand a major earthquake including both soft story and non-ductile concrete buildings are vulnerable to

A 3.7-magnitude earthquake strikes in Southern California

A 3.7-magnitude earthquake strikes in Southern California and launches a national conversation about the likelihood of a “big one” to follow. Scientists and Seismologists alike have been sharing their opinions and data for the last many years to support the

Earthquake Swarm

Have you ever heard of an earthquake swarm? According to the United States Geological Survey, an earthquake swarm is a series of minor earthquakes occurring in the same area and closely spaced in time, none of which can be defined

Penhall Technologies Celebrates Its Military Veterans

A technical skill-set can be taught and learned, the aptitude for success, drive, dedication, and disciple on the other hand is something one must possess. Anaheim, CA– 10/04/2016 — What do the US Air Force, Navy, Army, Coast Guard, and

GPR Technology Gets Put to Use at 156 Year Old Auburn Cemetery

In one of the wettest states in the US, Penhall Technologies Ground Penetrating Radar Analyst, Mariah Ottersen anxiously checked the 7-day forecast looking for a 3-day window of clear skies in Auburn, Washington for a new project. Penhall Technologies typically