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Underground Utility Locating – What Do the Colors Mean?

  You’ve made the right decision when you decided to have the public or private utilities marked before digging or excavating on your construction project. After the locator does his/her work, there are some nice colors identifying those utility lines

The Difference Between Public and Private Locating Service

So you’re about to dig or excavate on your property? Removing a tree? Or maybe you’re installing a fence?   Whatever the project is, you hire someone to perform the job. Before they start working, they inform you that they cannot

Rating Buildings for Seismic Resiliency

Seismic Retrofit Service in Santa Monica – Industry News In Santa Monica, many property owners had retrofits completed in 1994 after the Northridge quake. However, many of those retrofits were only partially completed, i.e. parapet only, diaphragm anchorage, full or

The Top 5 Project Risks that Concrete Scanning Can Help Manage

  As a project manager, you know that risk management is an important aspect of your job.  When considering the project at hand, your job is to reduce the risks that may come with that particular project, and make sure