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Case Study: How Concrete Scanning Can Assist with Locating Structural Reinforcing

At Penhall, safety is our #1 priority. So we didn’t hesitate to help when a general contractor called us to help out with an investigation of a potentially hazardous project. He suspected of safety issues in the construction of a

Penhall Company Continues its Growth in the Washington DC Market by Adding an Office in Upper Marlboro, MD

Penhall has been the go-to concrete services partner for a wide-range of industries since 1957. What began as a single flat saw operation has developed into an expansive offering of concrete solutions, including concrete scanning & utility locating, cutting, sawing and breaking/removal.

5 Factors that Affect GPR in Underground Utility Locating

When looking for a utility line locator to locate anything from underground water lines, gas lines, electrical/power lines to underground storage tanks, it is a good idea to know the capabilities and limitations of the technologies used in those detection

FAQ: Private Underground Utility Locating

When it comes to our private undergroud utility locating services, we know you have questions, and we have answers! Why do I need to contact a private locator, like Penhall Technologies, if 811 is available? It is a good idea

Case Study: Locating Grave Sites using GPR at a Church in Locust Grove, VA

Earlier this year, Penhall Technologies’ GPR Analyst, Elizabeth G., was asked to help identify gravesites for a church in Locust Grove, VA. Church leaders wanted to be sure they would not accidentally disturb any existing gravesites, marked or unmarked, when