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Earthquakes and Vulnerable Locations

It is not earthquakes themselves that are the main cause of death, rather it is the effect that earthquakes have on the structures near the epicenter that result in loss of life. This fact is evident when considering the significant

San Francisco Seismic Retrofit Deadlines Approaching

Procrastination is an ailment that we all can occasionally fall victim to. Whether it is writing a school paper, paying your taxes or seismically retrofitting your building, eventually these things must get done. However, some procrastination has graver consequences than

Interview with Dr. Gregg Brandow, Engineering Professor at USC

The new seismic ordinances recently passed in Los Angeles and San Francisco have created a greater demand for engineers in California. To discuss this need for engineers we interviewed Dr. Gregg Brandow, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at

What to Expect – Home Underground Utility Locating

When you started your home project, you didn’t imagine that you would need our private underground utility locating services. To ensure that you don’t hit any utility lines, it is important to scan the area first. Damaging utility lines can

Why Do Seismic Retrofit Costs Vary?

The cost to seismically retrofit a building varies considerably based on a variety of factors. Some of these factors include the size of the property, the required retrofit solution, and the company you choose to work with. Another reason that

Seismic Retrofit Grants in Berkeley

Following San Francisco’s example, the city of Berkeley also adopted a mandatory seismic retrofit requirement for soft, weak, and open front buildings. This requirement applies only to wood frame buildings that have five or more units and were constructed before

What’s In Your Bag? Emergency Bag Preparations

It has been said that “preparation is the key to success”, but in the event of an earthquake preparation is the key to safety for you and your family. Having a packed emergency bag and a planned meeting spot can

LA’s Tenant Habitability Plan: What Does It Mean For You (The Tenant)?

With all of the recent talk centered around the mandatory seismic retrofitting of buildings in Los Angeles, you (the tenant) might be wondering “what does this mean for me, my family, and my home?”. If the building that you live

Safety Tips – How to Protect Yourself from the Heat at a Jobsite

With summer temperatures rising, it is important to be aware of the heat and how it can affect your body. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), outdoor workers are an especially vulnerable group from the effects

Seismically Sophisticated Skyscraper in Los Angeles

It seems ironic that as thousands of buildings in Los Angeles are being mandatorily seismically retrofitted a massive, 1,110 foot tall building would be built next-door. The Wilshire Grand Center, now the tallest building in California, is located at 9000