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Penhall Company’s Involvement With Earthquakes: Why We Retrofit With A Purpose

The 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake will forever be embedded in the minds of those who experienced it, as well as those who participated in the cleanup of the quake. Team members of the Penhall Company from all over the country

Private Utility Locating – Tool Review Equipped with GPR and Electromagnetic Systems to Ensure Efficiency in Utility Locating

At Penhall Technologies, our analysts use several types of equipment for optimum accuracy for our underground utility locating services.  The following are a couple of the tools that an analyst may use on any given jobsite.   RD 7000 Series

West Hollywood Condo Owners Not Required To Retrofit

West Hollywood condo owners have been exempted from the proposed mandatory seismic retrofits in West Hollywood. At a meeting on June 19th, the decision was announced that condominium owners were not subject to the mandatory ordinance. West Hollywood condominium owners

Shake Alert- Earthquake Early Warning System

Presently, scientists and seismologists alike have been unable to predict a major earthquake ( 2017). According to the USGS, they do not know how to predict quakes and cannot anticipate when this fact will change ( This understanding is unsettling