50,000+ Readers reading a feature article on soft story seismic retrofitting

Penhall Company Seismic Services Division is happy to share a contribution to the AOA Magazine March Edition.

Check out a feature article in the March issue of the Apartment Owners Association of California authored by Director of Seismic Services Elizabeth Wilson.

Excerpt from the article: Soft-story retrofits: The costs, concerns and construction.

“California is the golden state that enjoys beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches and a bit of a seismic activity complex. Californians wake up all too often to read shocking headlines about earthquake swarms, mega-quakes and inevitable devastation. Given the state’s seismic history and the many scientific studies released over the last three years, it is no big surprise that city agencies have started to focus on loss mitigation by way of regulation. Cities all over the state are taking action in preparation for the next big shake-up….”

Full magazine article can be viewed by clicking on the pages below or at the AOA website by clicking here.

Front Cover of AOA Magazine March

March Edition-Soft Story Retrofits Page 54


Page 56 Magazine March Edition Soft Story Retrofits

Page 57 Magazine March Edition Soft Story Retrofits


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