Casinos Hit the Jackpot when Using Penhall’s GPR Services

Anaheim, CA – In 2014 Pechanga, California’s largest Indian casino, announced its plan to implement a $285 million expansion to satisfy guest’s desire for more recreational options other than gambling. This expansion includes a new hotel wing, a spa and salon, a fitness center, two restaurants and additional indoor and outdoor event space. Nightlife destinations such as Pechanga use a lot of power. Where there is power there is conduit! In order for these night life destinations, including Pechanga to continue to operate during renovations, it becomes vitally important to understand where subsurface hazards like conduit, rebar, and post tension cable exist before tackling any project that involves cutting or coring through concrete.

With nationwide coverage, Penhall is a go-to resource for casinos needing scanning across the US. In addition to Pechanga, Penhall has previously used GPR at the Graton Casino in Sonoma County, CA and Thunder Valley Casino near Sacramento, CA to locate rebar and post-tension cables in concrete slabs.

Southern California based Analyst, Chanda Drennen, used GPR to scan concrete in the existing hotel, the parking structure, and the new spa and salon building structure. She was able to locate conduit, rebar, and post tension cables in preparation for core drilling, the building of a kitchen, installation of anchor bolts in the ceiling, and cut outs for ducts.

About Penhall
Penhall has been in the concrete industry for nearly 60 years and has been performing GPR Scanning since 2001. Penhall is a safety leader in the industry and strives to maintain that record every day.

Penhall’s GPR Analysts go through extensive training to ensure quality and performance. Many of the analysts have previous backgrounds in construction and related fields giving them valuable experience that allows them to more accurately analyze the data. Casinos must continuously make improvements to their facilities to keep up with competitors in the Casino and Resort industry. When they do, they can count on Penhall for their concrete scanning and cutting needs. Casinos are a great place to take risks at the tables, but you should never gamble about what is in the concrete before you cut!