Best Practices

Plan the Work and Work the Plan

By Tim McElroy First and foremost, Pre-Task Planning (PTP) keeps people safe. It can also improve performance and the outcome of the job. Here’s how PTP works. Before the start of any task or job, the supervisor/employee (or whoever is

7 Steps to Training Safe Operators in the Field

By: Ray Dickinson Have you ever heard the saying, “You learn something every day if you pay attention?” Well, that concept definitely applies to training safe operators in the field of construction. You see, every job is different, every location

5 Tips for a Safe Concrete Construction Site

By: Tim McElroy Anyone in a construction-related job knows that it’s one of the most dangerous sectors to work in. All accidents are preventable. By implementing and maintaining the following five strategies, companies protect the safety of employees, customers. and


During recent renovations at the Kitt Peak Observatory, Penhall carried out the cutting and removal of the circular concrete...

T. Folkers, University of Arizona Optical Science, AZ
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