Concrete Scanning

GPR Concrete Scanning Common Misconceptions

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a very effective scanning method to ensure safety when coring or cutting into concrete. However, there are still a lot of misconceptions about what GPR can and cannot do. This list will help you understand

Case Study: How Concrete Scanning Can Assist with Locating Structural Reinforcing

At Penhall, safety is our #1 priority. So we didn’t hesitate to help when a general contractor called us to help out with an investigation of a potentially hazardous project. He suspected of safety issues in the construction of a

Case Study: Locating Grave Sites using GPR at a Church in Locust Grove, VA

Earlier this year, Penhall Technologies’ GPR Analyst, Elizabeth G., was asked to help identify gravesites for a church in Locust Grove, VA. Church leaders wanted to be sure they would not accidentally disturb any existing gravesites, marked or unmarked, when

The Top 5 Project Risks that Concrete Scanning Can Help Manage

  As a project manager, you know that risk management is an important aspect of your job.  When considering the project at hand, your job is to reduce the risks that may come with that particular project, and make sure