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CoreLogic’s California Earthquake Risk Report

Discussion centered around the topic of the “big one” that is expected to hit California in the next 30 years has been ongoing, as research has been conducted in order to assess risk and prepare as much as possible for

Hurricane Maria Relief

Amidst all of the chaos associated with the multiple natural disasters over the last few months, it is so inspiring to see people reaching out to truly try and help those who have been impacted by these tragic events. Hurricane

Los Angeles Buildings Conference & Expo

Penhall Company’s Seismic Retrofit Services department attended the Los Angeles Buildings Conference & Expo on Wednesday, September 27th, 2017. This wonderful event, hosted by Income Property Management Expo and Apartment News Publications, was a great opportunity for industry leading professionals

Why Choose Penhall?

Why choose Penhall? A big company means big support,  customer service means everything! It may be easy to assume that when working with a large company you will not receive the same intimate level of customer service that a smaller

Interview with Dr. Gregg Brandow, Engineering Professor at USC

The new seismic ordinances recently passed in Los Angeles and San Francisco have created a greater demand for engineers in California. To discuss this need for engineers we interviewed Dr. Gregg Brandow, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at

LA’s Tenant Habitability Plan: What Does It Mean For You (The Tenant)?

With all of the recent talk centered around the mandatory seismic retrofitting of buildings in Los Angeles, you (the tenant) might be wondering “what does this mean for me, my family, and my home?”. If the building that you live

Seismically Sophisticated Skyscraper in Los Angeles

It seems ironic that as thousands of buildings in Los Angeles are being mandatorily seismically retrofitted that a massive, 1,110 foot tall building would be built next-door. The Wilshire Grand Center, now the tallest building in California, is located at

Fake Quake! False Alarm Earthquake

On June 21st, the USGS mistakenly announced the occurrence of a 6.8 magnitude earthquake 10 miles west of Santa Barbara. This announcement wasn’t a total fluke, rather it was a blast from the past because this quake did in fact

Seismic Code Improvements Over The Years In California

The evolution of the seismic codes in California over the years is a tale of discovery and ultimately safety. The seismic code improvements are welcomed by many, but more importantly necessary for the personal safety of many California families. The particularly

Los Angeles Seismic Retrofit Fair

Penhall Seismic Retrofit – Los Angeles Branch – Recent Activity Penhall Company proud to exhibit at the 2nd annual Los Angeles Seismic Retrofit Fair The bustle of the room grew louder as local property owners from Los Angeles started to arrive