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Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge Reopening

Bridges all over California (and elsewhere) are undergoing improvement projects to ensure their security in the case of a large earthquake- some preemptively and some by necessity. Most recently the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge, which runs on Monterey County’s Highway 1,

Private School Seismic Retrofitting in SF

St. Anne’s Catholic School in San Francisco is undergoing seismic retrofitting. St. Anne’s is the first of the four Catholic schools in San Francisco that will be retrofitted by the end this year.  These projects came in response to an

Seismic Retrofit Pass Through Rate City By City

It can be a misconception that if you own a rental property you are extremely wealthy with millions in liquid capital. Some may picture Daddy Warbucks or Scrooge McDuck counting his gold pieces in a vault. However in reality, many multi-family property

San Francisco Seismic Retrofit Deadlines Approaching

Procrastination is an ailment that we all can occasionally fall victim to. Whether it is writing a school paper, paying your taxes or seismically retrofitting your building, eventually these things must get done. However, some procrastination has graver consequences than

Seismic Retrofit Grants in Berkeley

Following San Francisco’s example, the city of Berkeley also adopted a mandatory seismic retrofit requirement for soft, weak, and open front buildings. This requirement applies only to wood frame buildings that have five or more units and were constructed before

Penhall Company’s Involvement With Earthquakes: Why We Retrofit With A Purpose

The 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake will forever be embedded in the minds of those who experienced it, as well as those who participated in the cleanup of the quake. Team members of the Penhall Company from all over the country

Shake Alert- Earthquake Early Warning System

Presently, scientists and seismologists alike have been unable to predict a major earthquake ( 2017). According to the USGS, they do not know how to predict quakes and cannot anticipate when this fact will change ( This understanding is unsettling

USRC Building Rating System

Recent Recorded California Earthquakes California is no stranger to earthquakes and the San Francisco area has certainly seen some powerful quakes over the years. The San Francisco area has experienced seven earthquakes in the last seven days and thirty-two in