Penhall Technologies To Offer Digital Concrete X-Ray Services In Multiple Locations

Penhall Technologies, a division of Penhall Company, is excited to announce the launch of digital concrete x-ray services in their local Washington DC, Maryland, Las Vegas, San Francisco- Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego branches. They are one of the first concrete inspection companies to provide this industrial radiography service in these areas.

Digital concrete x-ray is the application of hard x-rays or gamma rays to obtain a clear image of the interior of concrete. The method is useful when companies want to x-ray concrete for rebar, conduits, and post tension cables to avoid damage when cutting or coring.

“Our portable device allows us to perform x-ray for many different construction projects (suspended slabs, walls, and bridge decks) in many different locations – wherever our customers need us,” Said Director of Penhall Technologies, Elisabeth Doser.

This service is a must in many construction projects. By providing a precise picture of exactly what structural components are within the concrete, construction leaders can avoid striking any hazards during construction.

Penhall Technologies aims to provide this service to local construction companies with the goal of ensuring projects remain safe, on time, and on budget. They recommend hiring concrete inspection services for any project where coring, drilling, or cutting will take place.

“This service is safer than traditional x-ray techniques that use isotopes, and we can operate while other trades are working nearby if necessary,” said Doser.

Penhall Technologies has been an industry leader in concrete inspection services since 2001, using ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic induction technologies to identify subsurface hazards. The Company is again leading the way in the application of digital x-ray to construction projects.

Doser highlights, “We are able to provide digital concrete x-ray for our customers where ground penetrating radar is not sufficient for the customer or scope of work. Limited design and layout options in highly congested areas are ideal for x-ray.”

An added benefit of Penhall Technologies’ digital concrete x-ray services is that all their operators are also trained in GPR. This combination makes it possible to provide the best class service for any project, large or small.

Penhall Technologies brings nationwide services at the local level with more than 40 local branches. They have plans to offer digital x-ray services in Seattle within the next year.