Four Phone Apps for Construction Safety

apps for construction safety

At Penhall Technologies, we value new and innovative ways to keep our team safe. We researched the latest apps for construction safety that will help you accomplish that for your team. These are our recommendations.

Safety Meeting

Safety Meeting App helps facilitate your safety meetings. It gives you meeting topics and safety checklists that are customizable to your trade and safety plan. Also, it meets OSHA’s required meeting standards.

FallSafety Pro

apps for construction safety

When workers keep their phone on them while working, this FallSafety Pro detects rapid movements that indicate a fall. In case of an accident, the worker can confirm the fall with one click. After confirmation is sent out, the app alerts an emergency contact (this could be you or another supervisor) and provides the person with location information. In case of a false alarm, the app gives the worker an allotted amount of time to confirm that they are okay. Otherwise, the alert will be sent out.

NTS (National Trench Safety)

This is a great tool for workers completing excavations. It provides OSHA’s excavation checklists, equipment information, OSHA’s charts on soil, sloping, benching, and safety standards. The NTS Mobile App prevents accidents by keeping your team informed and up to date with safety requirements.

First Aid – American Red Cross

Featuring videos, quizzes, and tips, the American Red Cross First Aid app educates you on first aid. This is a fun way to learn about emergencies and first aid, directly from the American Red Cross. Some of the features in the app include, but are not limited to: simulation of a variety of situations that allows you to prepare for emergencies, ranging from natural disasters to medical emergencies. It also lists the hospitals near you in case of a medical emergency.

Safety is our main pillar. We hope that you find these apps useful for your construction crew and everyone involved in your project.