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Penhall Company proud to exhibit at the 2nd annual Los Angeles Seismic Retrofit Fair

The bustle of the room grew louder as local property owners from Los Angeles started to arrive at the 2nd Annual Los Angeles Seismic Retrofit Fair. The tables were a buzz as vendors engaged with the locals.

The fair that took place April 17th, 2017 in Los Angeles and was designed to have all the information and vendors in one place for seismic retrofitting.  In the eyes of the community it seemed it was a success.

Penhall Company Seismic Retrofit Services was proud to be present to discuss retrofit needs one on one with customers.  The energy in the room was good, while not all owners were thrilled about the mandatory ordinance most seemed to be positive.  In the end it seems a lot of folks just want the city safer in the event of a major earthquake and this event helped people get closer to their goal of compliance.

Penhall Company Booth ready for the LA Retrofit FairIn talking with the public yesterday it is clear that property owners are much more interested in Design+Build firms.  The idea of being a “middle man” between and engineer and contractor is not appealing to many.  Other property owners expressed a deep interest in knowing their contractor is honest and reliable.  With so many soft-story retrofits that need to be done in the city some owners were concerned with choosing the right contractor for fear of a bad experience.  We at Penhall Company always try to encourage customers to do their research, get 3 quotes, consult with an engineer and think about their vendor choice before signing a contract. Following your gut can take you far. If something doesn’t feel right, move on to another vendor better suited to your needs.

Penhall was proud to sit and speak with each potential customer about their concerns and retrofits including timelines, costs and tenant support. Our 60 years servicing the local community is a testament to our commitment to high quality and fair priced engineering services.

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Flyer for the 2nd Annual Los Angeles Seismic Retrofit Fair.

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