One Man, One Bridge

Taking down an entire bridge is a difficult task, but when you have one man on the job that is a whole new ball game. Ricky Dyke, an employee of Graff Penhall, is currently working full weeks cutting down the top of the Cornwall Seaway International Bridge. Erected in 1960, the two lane bridge spans around 1.7 kilometers across the Fleuve Saint-Laurent River. And now it’s time for it to come down.

Cornwall Bridge Demolition

Demolition Plus Company, responsible for the deconstruction, chose Graff Penhall because of the amount of equipped and experienced employees with years of field work reflecting double digits the company handles. Ricky Dyke, the man selected for the task, is no exception having worked with Graff for 25+ years and thus recognized as a diesel saw expert. Such skill is exactly what the job at Cornwall Seaway requires. The bridge is narrow so space becomes very limited. The Demolition Company that removes the concrete slabs and debris has their equipment setup in the same stretch as Ricky. The fairly tight working area ends up with only enough space to fit one man with one diesel saw- this is why being in sync with one another is extremely vital for this task and why Ricky has not and cannot be replaced. The two parties have harmonized when it comes to the project, knowing when an action should be done without having to say it. 170 feet in the air precision gets important. It is dangerous to have so much going on with hardships that include weather, winds, and heavy equipment.

The project began in the middle of September 2014 and is scheduled for completion by June 2015. It’s the 7th month that Ricky has been on site. He has been working through the coldest winter in Canada in 100 years, with temperatures going into the negative 30s and winds reaching 50+ km, which gets even more unbearable high up on a bridge. Despite all of these conditions the project was and still is ahead of schedule and will be finished in a timely fashion; which saves our customer time and money.