What Penhall and the Pantheon Have in Common


Did you know that humans have used concrete for millennia?

Its basic ingredients actually date back to ancient Egypt. One of the finest examples of concrete use survives to this day – the Pantheon in Rome. This amazing architectural feat includes a 42-meter-diameter dome made entirely of poured concrete.

Today, concrete is still the single most widely used material in the world.

From residential driveways, interstate roadways, airport tarmacs, and high-rise buildings, to nuclear power plants, water and sewage treatment facilities, automotive race tracks, and theme parks.

And with every concrete construction project, it’s likely that existing concrete must be cut, cored, drilled, wire or wall sawed, scanned, broken, removed, or demoed.

Plus, each of those activities must be conducted safely, with reliable quality and expertise.

In short, when it comes to concrete, there’s a LOT to know. And because Penhall has a lot of knowledge on the topic, we decided to establish this blog and share what we know.

It’s our hope that our blog will not only offer helpful, relevant information that will make your life (and job) easier, but that it will also be interesting – and even fun – for you to read.

We definitely intend for our blog to reveal why we’re so serious about concrete. But we also plan to show our human side.

You see, for over 50 years, Penhall has built a solid reputation for being one of the safest, most reliable, high-quality concrete experts in the industry. And that’s only been possible because of our dedicated crew.

So in addition to sharing thoughtful industry insights, experience, and know-how, we’ll spotlight our team members and the interesting projects they work on. We know once you learn more about them, you’ll appreciate them as much as we do.

We look forward to building concrete connections with you!