Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge Reopening

Bridges all over California (and elsewhere) are undergoing improvement projects to ensure their security in the case of a large earthquake- some preemptively and some by necessity. Most recently the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge, which runs on Monterey County’s Highway 1, has reopened after major damage- which nearby residents are thrilled about.

The newly constructed bridge, which is now made of steel, was built in replacement of the original concrete bridge that was severely damaged following a severe winter storm in February. 30 miles of this very essential bridge was closed for eight months while repairs were made. 

Many businesses in Big Sur suffered from the loss of traffic coming through the tourist destinations, with many tourists and residents unwilling to make the hike. Some businesses even closed their doors while the bridge was under construction.

The bridge, which opened last month, was a joyous occasion for residents and business owners who celebrated with a grand opening the day that it was officially ready to be driven on again.

The fact that this bridge was able to be completed so quickly is quite amazing. One estimate stated that a project as large as this one could have taken as long as 10 years to complete. However, with a dedicated team of professionals who worked tirelessly through holidays and weekends, the bridge repair was able to be completed in a mere eight months.

Penhall Company was involved in the final portion of the bridge repair. Using a Penhall G-38 grinder, Penhall Company’s team ground the bridge and gave the proper texture to the bridge- as required by CalTrans. Penhall Company finished their work two days before the bridge’s grand opening.

Thankful for all those involved in the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge reconstruction process for making it a success and safer for all of those who use it.



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