Project Salt: Kaka’ako, O’ahu, Hawai’i

In a small region of O’ahu, Hawai’i called Kaka’ako, project SALT is currently underway wherein Kaka’ako is being prepared for redevelopment. Developers at Alexander and Baldwin Inc. presented the idea of Kaka’ako redevelopment and urbanization in early 2013, and were later bought from the Kamehameha Schools who previously owned the area

Penhall Company (Concrete Coring Company) was contacted by the developers to help with the demolition of the buildings in Kaka’ako to begin the urbanization process. We used heavy equipment and excavators to tear down many of the structures that were there. Most of the warehouses were high cube buildings, which is essentially a building that could have several floors due to the height of the ceiling, but only has one floor. The entire town is going to eventually be demolished, but for now, only the first two buildings are going to be torn down before becoming a parking structure for the surrounding neighborhood.


In March of 2014, the plans were approved and demolition began for this project starting with the Pinch of Salt warehouse. This project aims to provide affordable housing via new condo units in excess of 400 including 35 to 50 spaces for retail stores and restaurants to set up shop. Development has been slowly rolling over from Diamond head over the past decade and the slow but steady route to O’ahu’s modernization is taking place.


Kaka’ako looks to be the new social hub of Honolulu, becoming a central live, work, play environment to be enjoyed by all. Penhall is proud to have been given an opportunity to take part in this process that hopes to turn Kaka’ako into the urban, vibrant community that it can be.