Seismic Retrofitting isn’t just for Californians anymore-Portland Oregon starts the road to retrofitting.

As many southern and bay area Californians have recently experienced seismic retrofitting is a part of a new reality. Many structures that lack the support needed to withstand a major earthquake including both soft story and non-ductile concrete buildings are vulnerable to next “big one”. A 7.0 or higher is generally believed to be imminent, but when it will hit nobody knows. With seismic activity being not a matter of if, but when, other cities are evaluating their structures for strength against earthquakes.  Portland, Oregon is one of the latest cities to attempt to jump on board the seismic retrofitting bandwagon. The city has acknowledged 1,700 unreinforced masonry buildings (blocks without rebar reinforcement) that need to get up  to speed on seismic safety and compliance issues fast.  Read more about Portland, Oregon’s road to retrofitting.

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