#ThrowbackThursday: Penhall Company – How We Got Our Start

penhall history

Penhall Company is the nationwide leader for concrete services… but, how did we get to where we are today?

The beginnings of Penhall started with a simple gardening tool. Legend has it that one day way back in the 1950s, our founder, Leroy Penhall, was handed a simple gas edger by his father. It had a blade attached to it and bigger motor and . . . voila! A flat saw was born.

From there, Leroy began cutting driveways with that the saw tool he had developed and eventually opened the first Penhall office in Anaheim, CA in 1957. Soon after, an additional location was opened in Gardena that concentrated on flat sawing, while the Anaheim office dealt in removal of concrete with skip loaders.

Within 5-6 years coring and wall sawing were added to the mix and Penhall opened its third location in Camarillo, CA.

penhall history 2

But, how did Penhall grow from just 3 branch locations to the 41 we have now? It wasn’t until the 1970’s that Penhall realized its first major growth spurt.

Up until then, Penhall was successful due to its foundation of employing hard-working individuals who cared about the quality of their work. However, the technology for equipment had not changed drastically and this impeded drastic growth for the industry. The 1970’s introduced new technology and as the equipment improved, Penhall expanded.

With the improvement in equipment, Penhall began working on concrete cutting, coring, and demolition for nuclear reactors across the nation, providing quality work for customers in need of concrete services.

penhall history 3

For the next twenty years, Penhall continued to grow in size. The second turning point for Penhall was in 1994 when the Northridge Earthquake struck. With a magnitude of 6.7, the earthquake left devastation and Penhall stepped in to help repair the community.

Today, Penhall has grown to become the largest U.S. supplier of concrete services, with more than 41 locations in the U.S. and Canada. Although much larger in size, we have not forgotten our roots and humble beginnings.

We pride ourselves on the safe, high-quality, and affordable concrete solutions that we offer to our customers – the same quality solutions we have practiced for over 50 years.