Chris Mueller – Division Service Manager

Chris Mueller has been with Penhall Company only a year, yet as a former Marine Sergeant, at 28 not only is Chris well known in the company he is already on his way to a promotion to Fleet Manager.

chris-muellerChris’s journey to Penhall Company has been fascinating.

Chris joined the Marine Corps in September 2005, at the age of 18. While working at the Pacific Honda Dealership he decided to accompany his friend, who wanted to become a military firefighter, to meet the recruiter. The photos of camouflage paint, military equipment and uniform intrigued Chris, and so he enlisted. The Corps provided a sense of structure and assertiveness. He learned to be an individual and became much more self-reliant, which came into play later on when entering the Concrete Cutting Industry.

After boot camp, MCT (Military Combat Training), MOS (Military Occupational Specialty), and ending up stationed 20 minutes from his house, Chris spent 7 months in Iraq.

Chris held the position of Maintenance Chief. He was responsible for the upkeep of the Amphibious Assault Vehicles, which are the backbone of the Marine Corps. The position is high risk, because of the transportation of as many as 27 Marines from ship to shore. Overall Sergeant Mueller had 125 Marines reporting to him. At Penhall Company Chris now works in a team of 3, but the challenges and complexity are still familiar. In fact the technological system that the military has (GCSS) is almost identical to the Penhall HCSS system, except of course for all the heavy artillery. The importance of safety is high in both industries.

After serving in Iraq Chris received a combat meritorious promotion to Noncommissioned Officer, a leadership award for combat. Having dedicated 10 years to the service, Chris left the Corps due to the sequester and overall battle fatigue.

chris-mueller-2His service ended in June 2013, and within 2 days he joined Penhall Company. The transition was quick. Often it takes longer for military veterans to adjust after the service. But Chris places a lot of emphasis on relationships: “the more people you impact, it open up doors for you.” With this philosophy he impressed the Penhall Company representative at the career fair held on base. Kelly Farington is also a former marine and understood Chris’s background, thus a perfect employer-employee match was formed. Chris got to continue working with similar equipment and managing personnel, while Penhall gained an avid team player.

Outside of work Chris Mueller enjoys writing music and preforming his concepts on his keyboard. He grew up playing the piano. He did not receive any lessons, but practiced it for 15 years. Recently, however, he has developed an interest in dub step. As for family, 22 months ago he and his wife welcomed their baby daughter Ellie Sky. She is his biggest accomplishment in life.