David Pabst – Division Service Manager

David-PabstDavid Pabst has been with Penhall Company for so long that he almost lost track whether it’s 28 or 29 years. Currently a Division Service Manager at Gardena, California, David has had his fair share of on-site experience too.

David entered the company right out of high school. What started out as a summer job resulted in a lifetime career. Although he had his college picked out, but David was enjoying working as a shop runner in Division 14, Gardena. The requirement for the job was to be mechanically inclined and David definitely had a knack for it. As a freshman he bought a car from his uncle for $1.00. The car was useless at that point; it didn’t run at all because the engine was damaged. David fixed it by himself and actually got it to work. So well in fact that it lasted him 5 years. He even drove it to Penhall Company when he started working here.

David-Pabst2After 3 years as a shop runner, he joined the Union and became a Combo Truck Driver. He enjoyed the freedom so much that he stayed with it for 19 years. David also found a great deal of satisfaction when working in-field. A typical day consisted of 2 or 3 different jobs, each one different from the next. There was always a complex problem and fresh way to solve it, and creativity and ingenuity became more important. Becoming familiar with contracts and on-site processes has enabled David to develop a skill to predict the outcome of even the most complicated construction work.

Another aspect of the profession involves decorative and architectural cutting. This includes using a flat saw to cut an exterior slab perfectly straight. It’s important to do it flawlessly because it’s displayed there forever. David’s work can be seen on some notable buildings like the LA Convention Center and the Aquarium in Long Beach.

The skills David Pabst has gained have prepared him well for the leadership position he holds currently. David believes he wouldn’t have known “how to do, what to do without the past experience.” And most importantly David has been happy working for Penhall because the effort he put in was acknowledged and support he needed was always provided.

When David left in-field work he took up running, so much so that he has been in half and full marathons. What started as a company outing to a 5k run turned into a work-out regime. In 2014 he completed the Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach. Now that his son is finished with college and his daughter just started, he can really dedicate himself to this passion.