Ken TerBorch – Project Engineer

Ken TerBorch, after holding an internship position with Penhall Company has found himself in the role of Project Engineer for the past 2 years. As a National and now a Regional Contractor he has been exposed to a wider variety of jobs than you can imagine; from an opportunity at an empty Disneyland to the exposure of the inside of a Turbine, Ken has also had his share of assessing both airfields and nuclear power plants alike. ken-formal

Ken was born in Seal Beach, California and has since remained a resident there with the exception of traveling around the country and abroad. Studying Construction Engineering Management at Cal State Long Beach, Ken never imagined he would enter such a specialized field as a sub-contractor working for a demolition division but is very glad that he has. Ken grew up around construction. His father was a general contractor which lit the fire for Ken to attend school for the subject. Senior year of college, after working for American Integrated Services and before then as Foreman for Bullet Resistant Products for 6 years, he attended a convention at Reno for Schools of Construction. Here the stories differ, while Ken remembers David Flynn recruiting him with his booming voice and sociable personality, David told me that in fact Ken came up and actually approached him to begin a conversation. Either way, that semester Ken became a part of Penhall due to his professionalism and knowledge. He first shadowed and learned first-hand from veterans of the company who have been with Penhall for 40 years. ken-non-formalThe work turned out to be fast paced and exciting, so much so that Ken stayed on as an employee. Having worked as a general contractor in a corporate environment, Penhall Company turned out to be a breath of fresh air with its diversity of jobs in terms of time and type. The projects provided a complex variety of technical constraints, such as the Metro Transit Authority Emergency Slab Collapse project in Los Angeles, one that Ken is particularly proud of. He became involved in the emergency response to a full-bay shoring failure during the pour of a concrete deck in the course of construction. Over 250 cubic yards of concrete, failed shoring, and collapsed rebar had to be carefully and safely removed from the deck below. The result was very much successful with “safe, on time, and within budget completion of a project”, something that Ken intends to do every time he estimates a job.

As with all field construction, the hours management is required to work is tricky with projects whose start times are before dawn or go late into the night. With consideration of the odds and ends hours, when Ken finds free time he likes to go to his family cabin in Big Bear for snowboarding, which he learned to do when he was only 4, as well as go scuba diving at Catalina. He has a pet named Bambi, and no it’s not a deer. Ken also loves to work on his 1975 corvette T-top and got a hole in one the second time he played golf.