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Penhall Technologies can help you locate rebar, pipes, post and pre tension cables, conduits and many other subsurface hazards that may be hidden in concrete. Our expertly trained analysts can also detect voids within or underneath concrete slabs. As a safety leader in the industry, contractors, engineers, and government agencies have come to trust Penhall first for safe and precise scanning services.

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GPR Scanning used to locate rebar in a channel to prepare for a retrofit

GPR scanning to locate rebar for a channel retrofit

Penhall was contacted by Groundforce to provide concrete scanning and coring services for their project to retrofit the Gabbert Canyon Channel in Moorpark, CA. The Ventura County Watershed Protection had noticed that the channel was slowly collapsing and wanted to reinforce the channel. Two of our expert GPR Analysts scanned 210 locations for rebar in 1.5 days. Core drillers then came in and had to drill 7” cores and a 20° angle to install the soil nails. Work was done on a 300’ section for testing before deciding if the entire channel will be retrofitted. Groundforce seemed very pleased with the work that Penhall Technologies was able to provide and also in how fast and accurate we were in scanning the 210 locations.

Floor scanning to locate rebar and conduit

Floor scanning to locate rebar
At a location in Glendale, CA, Penhall completed concrete scanning of 3 separate areas. Each area measured 2′ x 2′ in 18″ of concrete slab. We scanned to locate rebar and post tension cables.

Rebar marked after using ground penetrating radar to locate

Finding rebar using ground penetrating radar
Here is another job where Penhall scanned for rebar in 6 different locations for a client in Ventura, CA. The concrete slabs varied in thickness between 12″ and 15″.

Using GPR to locate reinforcements within the concrete slab

Using GPR to locate obstructions within concrete slab
Prior to coring, Penhall was asked to identify obstructions in a concrete slab. This particular scan job took place in Los Angeles, CA. The concrete to be scanned was 10″ x 18″ x 10″ thick.

Concrete wall scanning to locate conduit

concrete wall scanning to locate conduit
In Sanger, CA, the job required our analysts to inspect 6 sections of concrete wall, each measuring 3′ x 1′ x 6″. We were able to find and mark conduit, and any other hazards before cutting into the wall.