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  • Six years experience with GPR and Electromagnetic Testing for concrete evaluation and Subsurface Utility Mapping
  • Level 2 Certifications in several traditional NDT methods
  • Emphasis on excellent customer service and Safety
  • OSHA 30 Certified

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Locating and marking rebar after scanning concrete flooring

locate rebar withing concrete flooring
For this project, Penhall completed a concrete scanning request in Arvada, CO. We were tasked to look for obstructions, such as rebar, post tension cables, or conduit, with a 6″ slab on grade. The total area that was scanned measured 1,100 square feet.

Concrete scanning ensures safety when cutting and coring

scan the concrete before cutting and coring
We recently worked with a client located in Denver, CO requesting ground penetrating radar. Our GPR analysts performed concrete scanning in approximately 200 different locations on this job.

Find rebar and conduit within a concrete wall

Scanning a concrete wall to avoid hazards before core drilling
Before coring, it is highly recommended that one scans concrete for hazards. This is what was requested of Penhall for a client in Golden, CO. We scanned a 12″ concrete wall at 2 separate locations.

Ensure there are no obstructions in the concrete before cutting to install anchors

Scanning for concrete support systems for installation of anchors
At a location in Wellington, CO, Penhall used ground penetrating radar to scan for obstructions. The obstructions that we were looking for were concrete support systems. The scanning in 8 different locations were necessary for the installation of anchors.

Ground penetrating radar used to locate rebar, post tension cable, and conduit in a concrete slab

Find what is within concrete using ground penetrating radar
We traveled to Aurora, CO, where we used GPR scanning to look for any obstructions in an area of 138 square feet. We found rebar, conduit, and utilities on this 6″ thick concrete slab.