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Penhall Technologies Scanning Analyst Russell


  • 10 years experience working with GPR
  • 10 years experience with Unexploded Ordnance Remediation
  • OSHA 30 Hr.
  • HAZWOPER 40 Hr.
  • 8 Hr. HAZWOPER Safety/Supervisor
  • GSSI UtilityScan and StructureScan Mini certified
  • Over 25,000 hours worked without a reportable lost time incident
  • Proud Tennessee native

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Locate post tension cables in concrete slab

locate post tension cables in concrete slab At a site in Nashville, TN, Penhall was requested to do concrete scanning to locate post tension cables. Using ground penetrating radar, we scanned four separate areas on a 7″ concrete slab.

GPR scanning used to find obstructions before cutting wall openings

Concrete scanning to find obstructions before cutting wall openingsFor another client in Nashville, TN, we used GPR concrete scanning to examine a 6″ thick wall in preparation for three door openings, each measuring 3′ x 7′. This is one of many reasons why concrete may need to be scanned for obstructions.