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  • 30 years technology experience
  • 20 years teaching Instructional / Educational Technology courses
  • 25 years as a Professional Educator
  • 14 years teaching Remote Sensing Technologies
  • 7 years experience with Phillips Petroleum Company
  • 4 years as a Roustabout and 3 years as an Industrial Mechanic – hold a AAA Industrial Mechanics License
  • 3 years construction experience
  • OSHA 30 certified

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Scan and mark for hazards within concrete

Scan and mark for hazards in concreteAt a location in New Orleans, Penhall was asked to scan and core drill two areas on top of a bell tower. Both cores were  7″ dia X 10″ deep, and scanning was performed first to ensure that drilling was clear of any obstructions or hazards.

Concrete scanning for private residence before remodeling

Scan concrete at private residence before remodelingPenhall was asked to perform scanning for two homes needing remodeling in Houma, LA.  At each location, we scanned to locate rebar and conduit in a 2’ x 10’ area of the slab that was 4” thick.

Ground penetrating radar used to avoid hazards in concrete slab before core drilling

ensuring safety with concrete scanningFor a large bank in Slidell, LA, our GPR Analysts were asked to perform some concrete scanning using ground penetrating radar to avoid hitting any hazards such as post-tension cable and conduit.  This was in preparation of core drilling four 2.5” holes at 18” deep.

We mark all obstructions found in the concrete to ensure safety before drilling

Scan concrete slab and mark obstructionsIn another location in New Orleans, Penhall performed (18) core drills of holes ranging from 2” to 8”, all at 6” deep.   The contractor hired us to scan all locations prior to drilling to help avoid damaging any important conduits, cables, or wires.

GPR scanning to locate post tension cable and conduit in concrete floor

GPR scan on concrete floor to find and mark cables and conduitFor a large hotel chain in New Orleans, we were asked to perform GPR scanning before core drilling.  This particular project required us to core drill 4 holes on the 3rd and 4th floor of the hotel building.  Scanning was necessary to locate the post-tension cable to ensure that the integrity of the slab on each floor remained intact.