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  • BS in Geological Engineering from University of Nevada, Reno
  • OSHA 10 Certified
  • GSSI Utility Scan, SIR 3000, SIR 4000, Structure Scan Mini HR and Mini XT Certified
  • Loves participating in ultra-endurance events and enjoys cycling, backpacking, reading and photography

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Ground penetrating radar used to scan for embedded objects in concrete

Ground penetrating radar used to scan for embedded objects in concretePenhall was asked to use ground penetrating radar to examine an area for embedded objects at a site in Reno, NV. The scanning was administered to ensure that it was safe to perform an electrical saw cutting. The cutting was for a concrete trench that measured 6′ x 3″ x 2″.

Rooftop scanning on elevated slab to locate post tension cables and existing conduit

rooftop scanning on elevated slab for tension cables and existing conduitFor a client in Reno, NV, Penhall completed some GPR scanning, where we inspected several locations for obstructions, such as rebar, post tension, conduit, or utilities. All 12 locations were located on an elevated concrete slab that was 6” thick. After scanning, it was safe do perform core drilling.

Identify hazards within concrete before cutting and resurfacing

Identifying conduit and post tension cable with GPR concrete scanningOver 60% of a slab was inspected using ground penetrating radar to locate conduits and post-tension cables for a client in Reno, NV. The identification of these hazards was necessary prior to the concrete cutting and resurfacing of the parking structure.

Concrete scanning used to identify patterns of tension cables and rebar

ground penetrating radar used to locate tension cables and rebarFor this project, Penhall completed a concrete scanning job in Sparks, NV. We used ground penetrating radar to scan an area that measured 2.5′ x2.5′. The client wanted us to identify the existing post tension cables and rebar in the concrete.