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  • Bachelor of Science in Geology
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Georgia Southern University
  • GSSI UtilityScan and StructureScan Mini Certified
  • OSHA 30 hr

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Locate obstructions before concrete core drilling

Ground penetrating radar to scan and locate obstructionsFor a customer in Hopewell, VA, Penhall was requested to perform scanning for four different locations. We used ground penetrating radar to locate any obstructions before drilling a 4″ x 3″ core.

Ground penetrating radar used to locate rebar in a concrete dam

gpr scanning used to locate rebar in a concrete damFor this project Penhall traveled to Petersburg, VA. We were asked to use ground penetrating radar to scan a dam for rebar. The dam was scanned so that core drilling could take place.

Concrete scanning used to ensure safety when cutting concrete

Scanning before cutting into concreteAt a location in Newport News, VA, Penhall used ground penetrating radar to inspect a section of concrete in a 1′ x 8′ area. We were able to locate conduit to ensure that cutting into the concrete would be safe.

Determine if there are hazards before saw cutting into concrete

determine hazards before saw cutting usng GPRRecently, a construction company hired Penhall Technologies to scan an area in a large jewelry retailor store, in Richmond, where they wanted to saw cut two trenches. The company wanted to know the location of any hazards in the concrete prior to saw cutting. We used the GSSI StructureScan Mini to scan the areas and followed up by performing sweeps with our radio detection device (RD 7100), which will pick up any live power. The results showed only possible wire mesh which means the trenches could be cut without fear of hitting a hazard. The project was completed in a safe and non-destructive manner. Penhall Technologies of the Richmond area has the capability and the man power to meet your needs in a timely manner, ultimately ensuring your projects get finished safely and on time.