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Our customer support and account management teams provide the best service in the industry. We are passionate about our services as well as our customers. Therefore, we aim to address all customers’ questions and concern in a timely manner. We are happy to help you find the answers for your needs. You can reach our representatives at the following phone numbers:

Concrete Cutting Services
Includes: Concrete Coring, Breaking and Removal, Wire Sawing, and Demolition
Phone: (301) 264-8136

Concrete Scanning and Ground Penetrating Radar Services
Includes: GPR Scanning, Rebar Locating, and Concrete X-Ray Service
Phone Number: (703) 291-4391

Private Utility Locating Services
Includes: Utility Line Locating, Pipe Locating, Wire Locating, and Void Detection
Phone Number: (703) 291-4391

Seismic Retrofit Services
Includes: Moment Framing, Cantilevered Columns, and Shear Wall Strengthening 
Phone Number: (213) 358-2514

Highway Runway and Bridge Services 
Phone Number: (817) 416-1846

Penhall Rentals 
Phone Number: (949) 656-2965

Other General and Administration Questions
Phone Number:  1-800-PENHALL

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