About Graff

Since 1965, The Graff Company ULC. has enjoyed sustained growth and development, branching
out into three main areas of service. We attribute this growth to the loyalty and dedication de
monstrated by each member of Team Graff. As we look to the future, we are committed to continuously investing in our people and equipment to offer our clients superior service while maintaining our position as an industry leader.

The Graff Company ULC. is committed to several fundamental core values:

  • To invest in the ongoing growth and development ofeach Team Graff member
  • To provide clients with dedicated, personalized customer service
  • To make safety a value by creating and working in safe environments
  • To meet and exceed our client’s expectations through teamwork, innovative technology and diversified service


Safety Culture

Graff is a “ZERO Accident” company. We believe that every accident is preventable and that we have the power to control our environment. Through techniques like Pre-task Planning, Near-miss Reporting, New-hire Orientation and advanced Driver Training, Graff enjoys an exceptional safety record. We:

  • Employ a full-time Safety Professional
  • Require continuous up-to-date safety training for all Team Graff Members
  • Monitor the status of all previous training and ensure timely re-training

We are proud of our outstanding safety record and are committed to investing in our team and equipment to ensure that Team Graff continues to create and work in safe environments.