Concrete Grinding

Concrete Grinding

Through extensive concrete grinding experience, we have developed three main areas of service to meet our customer’s unique needs. Depending upon the job, we will recommend Diamond Slab Grinding or Carbide Slab Grinding.

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Diamond Slab Grinding

Our specialized equipment incorporates diamond blades to grind slabs in a smooth and efficient manner. We offer a variety of different sized grinding heads to accommodate any job and all equipment is electric powered for indoor use. We have utilized our unique diamond slab grinding equipment to:

  • Groove out slots in floor slabs to accommodate electrical and mechanical raceways
  • Grind large areas to achieve a smooth finish
  • Change elevation in uneven floor joints
  • Groove floor slabs to provide water run-off and a skid-free surface
  • Carbide Slab Grinding

For more aggressive concrete removal, our carbide slab grinding equipment powers through delaminated concrete slabs, removes toppings and reduces new floor finish elevations. We offer a range of cutting heads and combine our largest head with the G-Machine for the ultimate indoor solution. Our carbide slab grinding equipment has been used to:

  • Remove 3″ thick topping for a new floor finish
  • Remove 4″ of delaminated concrete for slab rehabilitation
  • Provide 3/8″ reduction of slab elevation to accept new floor tile