GPR & X-Ray Scanning

Graff Technologies is the Non Destructive Testing Division of The Graff Company ULC. The combination of the latest technologies and trained specialist is fast becoming the first choice for concrete mapping, imaging and service detection. Whether it is locating embedded objects in concrete prior to concrete cutting and coring or locating private utilities prior to excavations and drilling, the Graff Technologies service is an essential part in establishing a safe and cost effective construction site.

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Our service employs multiple technologies and techniques to obtain the most accurate results such as X-Ray, Ground Penetrating Radar, Electromagnetic Pipe and Cable locating, Magnetic Rebar locators and Cover meters.

Our expertise and growing size put us as the largest Damage Prevention Team in the region; continually supplying prompt service and quality workmanship when you need it.

As part of our continuation of improving service for our customers, our Graff Technologies Technicians have the skills and knowledge to provide concrete core drilling and cutting operations as well. Providing a One Stop Shop for all trades and contractors is yet another way the Graff Technologies Division is the industry leader in prompt professional service.

As we strive for the best service in the industry, our Graff Technologies Team is always on the leading edge of new technology and techniques.

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