Concrete Scanning Using GPR

Concrete Scanning

Our Concrete Scanning services combine the most experience people with the latest technology and the largest fleet in the region to provide the best service and quickest response time in the industry. Locating embedded objects in concrete prior to concrete sawing, drilling or breaking is vital to avoid embedded or buried obstructions such as reinforcing steel bars (rebar), wire mesh, post tension cables, conduit, utilities, drainage, water lines, radiant floor heating etc… Digital Imaging software allows us to generate a clear view of the concrete slab or wall for post survey data processing, review and analysis for pre-design and engineering purposes. Combined with our X-Ray services, we offer everything you need to safely scan before you cut.

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Graff Concrete Scanning & Imaging Services:

  • Embedded rebar, wire mesh, post tension cables
  • Conduit, utilities, drainage/ sewer lines, radiant floor heating
  • Rebar spacing, depth of cover and concrete thickness assessment
  • Concrete Imaging, post processing and Technical Reporting
  • Requires one-side access