Concrete Grooving

Concrete Grooving

Grooving Airport RunwaysWhereas the purpose of concrete grinding is to restore ride quality and texture, the purpose of concrete grooving is to reduce hydroplaning and roadway accidents. This is done by making the distance between the grooves higher – usually about six times higher than concrete grinding.

The elevated grooves created by Penhall’s concrete grooving process provide a variety of enhancements to roadways and highways, including:

  • Improved drainage,
  • Faster pavement drying time,
  • Increased friction, which helps prevent hydroplaning.

Penhall also provides specialized grooving services:

Bridge Deck Grooving

Bridge deck grooving is an effective method for reducing weather-related bridge hazards. By cutting patterned groves into the concrete deck, water is displaced, thus improving traction, vehicle control, and overall safety. Penhall’s grooving machines use diamond-tipped saw blades to cut grooves transversely into the surface. The blades are constantly cooled by water pumped from a tanker and are equipped with highly-efficient vacuums. Our team of professionals can also assist you in meeting your state’s particular configuration and specification requirements for newly constructed or re-built bridge decks.

Airport Runway Grooving

Penhall can provide every concrete solution you need for your next airfield job and our reliable airport runway grooving services meet the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) recommended specifications for transverse-grooved cut dimensions.
We use state-of-the-art tools and processes to achieve unmatched consistency and quality of work. Diamond-tipped saw blades are mounted side-by-side on our high-production machines to deliver perfectly consistent runway grooving that maximizes aircraft banking traction. Proper grooving also helps to eliminate the risk of hydroplaning and other deceleration complications caused by severe weather conditions, resulting in shorter braking distance of aircraft on wet pavement.

Penhall’s skilled and experienced team has the capabilities to operate six machines at a time, allowing us to service multiple runways in a large airport simultaneously so runways can return to operation quickly and our clients can conserve costs. Never gamble with passenger safety by neglecting maintenance, or choosing a sub-standard contractor to complete your work.

The FAA has observed that transverse-grooved surfaces offer many positive outcomes:

  • Drastically reduces all types of skids on wet or flooded runways.
  • Provides positive nose-wheel steering during landing roll-out.
  • Prevent the onset of drift and weather-vaning.
  • Pilots experience dramatic improvement in overall ground handling and stopping characteristics.
  • Prevent the onset of drift at touchdown in flooded areas due to high cornering forces.
  • Overall airplane ground handling and stopping characteristics show remarkable improvement over other surfaces.

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