Concrete Diamond Grinding

Concrete diamond grinding removes roadway imperfections caused by construction and/or heavy usage. The immediate result is an improvement in pavement smoothness, surface texture, skid resistance, safety, and noise reduction.

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  • Runway GroovesImproved costs over other rehabilitation techniques
  • Work is usually conducted during off-peak hours, which shortens lane closure times and minimizes encroachment into adjacent lanes.
  • Fewer lane closures (diamond grinding in one lane does not require grinding of the adjacent lane which may have acceptable surface characteristics)
  • Eliminates the need for taper (a requirement with overlay alternatives at highway entrances, exits, and side streets)
  • Does not affect overhead clearances underneath bridges or hydraulic capacities of curbs and gutters on municipal streets.

Penhall Company is well equipped to offer an efficient, and affordable way to restore ride. Our grinding services meet all federally mandated standards and leaves behind a roadway that is smoother, quieter, and safer for all drivers.

Corrective Grinding

Penhall’s corrective grinding services reliably correct pavement that has been found to be out-of-spec or that experienced a failed ride test. For clients that need surface testing or re-testing, Penhall owns and operates profile testing equipment that uses the latest in pavement surface testing laser technology. After the testing-for-ride is performed, our highly-trained and experienced team can also help clients evaluate the results.

Other Highway Services

Concrete diamond grinding is often performed alongside other concrete payment preservation and restoration (CPP / CPR) techniques such as:

  • Full- and partial-depth repair
  • Cross stitching
  • Dowel bar retrofit
  • Slab stabilization
  • Joint/crack resealing

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Penhall tank on top of grooving/grinding