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As an industry leader, Penhall Company provides concrete cutting services such as flat sawing, coring, wall sawing, breaking & demolition, wire saw, and other related concrete construction services. Our highly trained team of professionals will ensure your work is completed efficiently and at the highest quality. No matter how big or small, with 60 years’ experience and a strong commitment to safety, Penhall is the right choice for the job.

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Examples of the kind of work we do:

Concrete Cutting

  • Flat sawed 80’ of trench 12” wide in 6” deep concrete for a total of 170’ worth of flat sawing subcontracted for a private business in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Enlarged 2 wall openings measuring 8′ x 8′ into one 14′ x 20′ opening in 8″ thick tilted panel for a private business in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Cut 2 areas of slab on grade measuring 10′ 3″ x 5′ 6″ and 4 existing concrete pedestals for a public area in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Cut 16,000 LF of 4” deep asphalt sawing for a road in Argo, Alabama.
  • Cut a 4’ x 4’ perimeter at one corner of a 22’ x 22’ area of 4” thick concrete and 4” thick asphalt using a flat saw for a metal company in Ensley, Alabama.
  • Used a flat saw to cut 16’ x 22’ x 4” deep section into driveway into 4’ x 4’ squares using 2 30’ cuts in 4” deep asphalt and 6 curb plunges in Irondale, Alabama.
  • Cut 35 openings 2″ x 4″ in 4″ thick concrete wall, subcontracted for a construction company in Huntsville, Alabama.
  • Cut 5 trenches measuring 54′ x 12″ in 7″ thick concrete for a construction company in Huntsville, Alabama.

Concrete Coring

  • Drilled 1 hole 10” in diameter and 12” deep in a stairwell in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Drilled 2 holes 6” in diameter and 6” deep in granite floor in a courthouse in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Core drill 7 holes 6” in diameter in a concrete wall for a college in Athens, Alabama.
  • Core drilled 4 12” holes in 6” thick concrete floor for new sumps, and drilled 4 5” holes for a countersink at a local residence in Lincoln, Alabama.
  • Drilled 2 holes 12” in diameter and 16” deep in a residence in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Concrete Breaking, Removal, & Demolition

  • Used a wall saw to cut and demolish a block of walls, later removing the block to subcontractor’s dumpster for a private business in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Hand broke joist and distribution rib measuring 33′ x 8″ x 15″ for a rec center pool in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Removed 4 areas of 4’ x 4’ concrete and a 20’ x 2’ x 6” concrete trench by scanning and then flat sawing from Meridian, Mississippi.

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Penhall saw cut an elevated slab 34’ above the finished floor elevation. The Penhall technician encountered more reinforcing...

Nate Cecil, Wharton-Smith, Inc., AL
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