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Penhall Technologies can help you locate rebar, pipes, post and pre tension cables, conduits and many other subsurface hazards that may be hidden in concrete. Our expertly trained analysts can also detect voids within or underneath concrete slabs. As a safety leader in the industry, contractors, engineers, and government agencies have come to trust Penhall first for safe and precise scanning services.

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San Antonio Concrete Scanning Projects that Penhall Worked On

Identify hazards within a concrete slab before core drilling

concrete scanning to locate hazards in San Antonio3 different locations were scanned for 2”-3” cores on the 8th floor of law offices in downtown San Antonio. The customer wanted to know of any hazards located in the slab. Rebar/wire mesh were located along with beams. The customer did not want to core through the beams as we could not see all the way through the slab. Typically hazards such as post tension cables are placed in beams as well. The beams were marked accordingly and mirrored the beams on the ceiling above me as well. The customer wanted to core as close as they could to the wall, however, the scan perimeters are shown by the blue lines in which there is a 3”-4” blind zone in which the scan analyst could not get any closer due to an obstruction such as this wall. With that being said, the scan analyst scanned on the other side of the wall as well to get an even bigger picture, the customer was pleased with the scans and was able to core without any issues.

Ground penetrating radar is used to scan and locate obstructions in concrete

Ground penetrating radar to scan and locate obstructionsAt a project in Boerne, TX, Penhall was requested to scan miscellaneous core drill sites for any obstructions that may be present. We used GPR to scan the concrete beam that varied between 6″ – 10″ thick.

Concrete scanning is used to ensure safety when cutting into concrete slab

concrete scanning before core drillingIn San Antonio, TX, Penhall performed concrete scanning to locate any cutting hazards, such as utilities, in a bathroom. We scanned approximately 15 areas in this location.

Locate all embedded objects to ensure core drilling safety

Scanning before drillingAt another job in San Antonio, TX, Penhall was asked to identify embedded objects within a 6″ thick concrete slab. We used ground penetrating radar to locate the objects prior to core drilling.