• Trenching / light sprinklers, electrical 6″ wide 24″ deep
  • Trenching heavier app. 6″ to 12″ wide upto 48″ deep

Trenchers are useful in the installation of any type of pipe, conduit or direct burial wire or cable. At Penhall Rentals we stock the gasoline powered 1020/RT16 walk behind and the larger diesel powered ride-on 3700. The walk behind units can be used by any homeowner or professional contractor. They are typically used in the installation of sprinkler systems and will trench from 4” to 6” wide and up to 24” deep.

The ride-on Trencher will operate chains from 6” to 12” wide and up to 48” deep, making them more adaptable to burying utilities such as gas lines, electrical conduits and plumbing like sewer and water supply lines at deeper levels. Ride-on Trenchers are also equipped with a backfill blade to facilitate covering of trenches after installation of materials. Larger Trenchers are typically used by electricians, plumbers, and landscapers.

Our Fleet

  • Ditch Witch 3700
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I feel very confident placing an order with Penhall Rentals that the equipment will be ready to work when requested. ...

Greg Sherman, Remedial Construction Services, L.P., CA
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