Wheel Loader

Wheel Loader

Functions: Digging, backfilling

Wheel Loaders are front loading tractors with greater capacities, and more horsepower, than a Skiploader. They are used to load material and excavate large areas. Wheel Loaders are used by a variety of contractors to load out or backfill mass quantities of material such as dirt, rubble, base material, and any other type of bulk material. The typical users of this type of machinery are grading and paving contractors, landscape contractors, general engineering contractors, pipeline contractors and remediation contractors.

Penhall Rentals carries diesel-powered John Deere 624’s and 644’s, with 3.5 yard capacity and 4 yard capacity buckets respectively. In addition, we carry forks and fork attachments. We are currently upgrading our fleet with Tier IV units to meet the latest more stringent emissions requirements.

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I feel very confident placing an order with Penhall Rentals that the equipment will be ready to work when requested. ...

Greg Sherman, Remedial Construction Services, L.P., CA
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