Safety Committees

Penhall Safety Committees

Safety committee meetings are an essential platform for communicating safety updates and notices to all Penhall Company employees. Each month, Penhall Company holds safety meeting at both the division level and the senior executive level, Safety Committee Meeting minutes are shared and discussed with all employees of Penhall Company at these monthly safety meetings. Management-level employees, field employees and shop personel are all active participants on divisional office Safety Committees.

Safety-related information that is discussed during these committee meetings includes:

  • All accident statistics for the division
  • Review of the corporate safety numbers
  • Equipment that needs to be modified
  • Safety concerns
  • New strategies for mitigating hazards
  • Standards for safe work
  • Near miss incidents
  • Current accidents
  • Best practices
  • New technology
  • Corrective action recommendations from employees
  • Campaigns or initiatives on safety