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In accordance with the Mandatory Seismic Retrofit Program (MSSP), San Francisco requires the retrofit of pre-1978 wood-frame soft-story buildings which have not been previously seismically strengthened. The goal of the program is to ensure the safety and continuance of San Francisco’s housing to create a more resilient city. Deprived of retrofitting, the weak buildings may be exposed to major structural damage and possible collapse.

San Francisco Soft-Story Seismic Retrofit

Credit to MiTek/Hardy Frame

How Long Do I Have to Comply MSSP Rules for Seismic Retrofit?

Compliance TierSubmittal of Permit Application with Plans for Seismic Retrofit WorkCompletion of Work and Issuance of Certificate of Final Completion
1September 15, 2015September 15, 2017
2September 15, 2016September 15, 2018
3September 15, 2017September 15, 2019
4September 15, 2018September 15, 2020

Does My Building Require Retrofitting Service?

Penhall Seismic Retrofit Engineer

View the SFDBI’s Soft Story Properties List to see if your building requires retrofitting.

The important place to start is to get an assessment. It is possible that your building doesn’t need retrofitting or that there is a solution for your building can be very simple. Retrofitting costs and solutions vary, but you can rest assured knowing that Penhall offers a value engineering approach that is both economical and compliant with the local ordinance.

Before you start the complicated process of your soft-story retrofitting alone please take a moment to call Penhall Seismic Retrofit Services for your free evaluation at 415-619-3204.

Retrofitting Cost Data in San Francisco

San Francisco Department of Building Inspection Public Retrofit Cost Data
To view the San Francisco Soft Story Seismic Ordinance or to review additional details please visit

Haight Street4 units/3 stories$120,000.00
Mission Street4 units/3 stories$50,000.00
Stockton Street4 units/3 stories$40,000.00
Dolores Street5 units/3 stories$90,000.00
Haight Street5 units/3 stories$24,500.00
Alemany Blvd6 units/2 stories$56,000.00
Baker Street6 units/3 stories$68,000.00
Broderick Street6 units/3 stories$70,470.00
Bryant Street6 units/3 stories$51,000.00
Clementina Street6 units/3 stories$38,000.00
Clinton Park6 units/3 stories$45,000.00
Dolores Street6 units/3 stories$57,000.00
Dore Street6 units/3 stories$85,000.00
Freelon Street6 units/3 stories$35,000.00
Greenwich Street6 units/3 stories$69,000.00
Guerrero Street6 units/3 stories$86,000.00
Hoff Street6 units/3 stories$60,000.00
Langton Street6 units/3 stories$50,000.00
Lexington Street6 units/3 stories$38,000.00
Lexington Street6 units/3 stories$120,000.00
Octavia Street6 units/3 stories$100,000.00
Pearl Street6 units/3 stories$54,000.00
Russ Street6 units/3 stories$5,000.00
Shotwell Street6 units/3 stories$24,000.00
Stockton Street6 units/3 stories$48,000.00
17th Street7 units/3 Stories$106,600.00
Douglass Street7 units/3 stories$69,000.00
Pine Street7 units/3 stories$125,500.00
Powell Street7 units/3 stories$57,000.00
14th Street7 units/4 stories$39,600.00
Jackson7 units/4 stories$105,800.00
Clement Street8 units/3 stories$50,000.00
Dehon Street8 units/3 stories$67,000.00
Guerrero Street8 units/3 stories$25,000.00
Guerrero Street8 units/3 stories$100,000.00
Haight Street8 units/3 stories$40,000.00
Stockton Street8 units/3 stories$80,000.00
Dolores Street9 units/2 stories$70,000.00
Francisco Street9 units/3 stories$70,000.00
Guerrero Street9 units/3 stories$40,000.00
Haight Street9 units/3 stories$100,000.00
Lombard Street9 units/3 stories$100,000.00
Market Street9 units/3 stories$130,000.00
Divisadero Street10 units/2 stories$55,000.00
10th Avenue10 units/3 stories$60,000.00
16th Street10 units/3 stories$71,000.00
34th Avenue10 units/3 stories$94,300.00
3rd Avenue10 units/3 stories$83,000.00
Gough Street10 units/3 stories$180,000.00
17th Street11 units/3 stories$92,000.00
Divisadero Street11 units/3 stories$126,000.00
Mission Street11 units/3 stories$100,000.00
Union Street11 units/3 stories$83,580.00
Valencia Street11 units/3 stories$4,000.00
Valencia Street12 units/2 stories$12,000.00
24th Street12 units/3 stories$120,000.00
Fillmore Street12 units/3 stories$34,200.00
Fillmore Street12 units/3 stories$52,135.00
Folsom Street12 units/3 stories$67,000.00
Gough Street12 units/3 stories$80,000.00
Haight Street12 units/3 stories$100,000.00
Hoff Street12 units/3 stories$120,000.00
Jackson12 units/3 stories$45,000.00
Pacific Avenue12 units/3 stories$54,000.00
Polk Street12 units/3 stories$106,000.00
Valencia Street12 units/3 stories$50,000.00
6th Street13 units/3 stories$40,000.00
8th Street13 units/3 stories$30,000.00
Lombard Street13 units/3 stories$81,000.00
Market Street13 units/3 stories$60,000.00
Valencia Street14 units/3 stories$65,000.00
48th Avenue15 units/3 stories$135,000.00
Cervantes Blvd15 units/3 stories$105,000.00
Valencia Street15 units/3 stories$70,000.00
Hyde Street15 units/4 stories$85,000.00
15th Avenue16 units/3 stories$75,000.00
Capp Street16 units/3 stories$43,000.00
Divisadero Street16 units/3 stories$50,000.00
Pine Street17 units/2 stories$50,000.00
Beach Street18 units/3 stories$225,000.00
Broderick Street18 units/3 stories$90,000.00
Broderick Street18 units/3 stories$95,000.00
Francisco Street18 units/3 stories$28,000.00
Francisco Street18 units/3 stories$79,500.00
Mission Street18 units/3 stories$52,000.00
Chestnut Street21 units/3 stories$155,000.00
Albion Street22units/3 stories$50,000.00
Van Ness Avenue23 units/3 stories$81,000.00
20th Street24 units/3 stories$100,000.00
Chestnut Street24 units/3 stories$70,000.00
Valencia Street24 units/3 stories$137,000.00
Union Street30 units/3 stories$80,000.00
2nd Street (101 Clement)$22,000.00
Mission Street (Hotel)$64,000.00

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Credit to Simpson Strong-Frame

Credit to Simpsons Strong-Frame

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