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Santa Monica is one of the latest cities in California to require seismic retrofitting of vulnerable buildings. With 60 years of excellent service in the construction industry, Penhall is adequately positioned to meet your needs. We have a division focused on seismic retrofitting in California, and have a dedicated team to guide our clients throughout the entire retrofit process.

As a design–build firm, we have both an in-house engineering team and a well-equipped construction team who work together to streamline the whole project. Our clients can have one point of contact throughout the process. We provide value-engineering solutions to our clients in that we choose the best retrofitting options to meet the ordinance requirements at the lowest cost.

Please contact us at 213-358-2514 to schedule a free on-site property assessment. We are happy to discuss any and all questions you may have about your seismic retrofit needs.

Seismic Retrofit Projct in Santa Monica performed by Penhall

Santa Monica Latest Seismic News

The Santa Monica seismic retrofit ordinance is currently in the 30-day petition period.  The 2nd reading of the ordinance will be held on March 28th, and can potentially be in effect on April 1st.  Upon the completion of the 30-days from the 2nd reading, the notices may be sent out.

The Santa Monica rent control board still has yet to make a decision on the amount of cost that owners are allowed to pass through to the tenants.

Based on the proposed noticing schedule (below), unreinforced masonry (“URM”) buildings are first in line.  This would include any building with at least one unreinforced masonry bearing wall.  The owners of these URM buildings will have 3 months from the date the notice was sent to have structural analysis performed on their buildings.  This must be performed by a certified structural engineer/architect.  The City of Santa Monica Planning and Community Development Building and Safety department is anticipating a surge in permit applications, which may affect the time it takes for application approval.

An address search on buildings that fall under the ordinance is available on the City of Santa Monica’s website.

Credit to MiTek/Hardy Frame

Credit to MiTek/Hardy Frame

Santa Monica Proposed Timeline

Proposed Noticing Schedule
Building Type CategoriesStart Date of Sending NoticesQuantity (Approx)Compliance Date – Evaluation Report Due

Compliance Date- Retrofit Complete

URMMay 1, 2017200

Aug-Oct 2017

(3 months)

Aug-Oct 2019

(2 years)

Concrete Tilt UpJuly 10, 201730Nov 2017

(4 months)

Nov 2020

(3 years)

Soft Story -> 2 StoriesJuly 24, 2017400

July-Aug 2019

(2 years)

July-Aug 2023

(6 years)

Soft Story- 16 or more unitsOctober 16, 201760

Oct-Nov 2019

(2 years)

Aug-Oct 2023

(6 years)

Non-Ductile ConcreteOctober 16, 201770

Oct 2020

(3 years)

Oct 2027

(10 years)

Steel Moment FrameOctober 16, 201780

Oct 2020

(3 years)

Oct 2037

(20 years)

Soft Story – 2 Stories, 7 to 15 Units

November 27, 2017300

Nov 2019-Feb 2020

(2 years)

Nov 2020-Feb 2021

(3 years)




Soft Story-2 Stories < 7 Units

February 19,2018300

Feb-Apr 2020

(2 years)

Feb-Apr 2024

(6 years)

May 7, 2018300

May-Jul 2020

(2 years)

May-Jul 2024

(6 years)

August 6, 2018300

Aug-Oct 2020

(2 years)

Aug-Oct 2024

(6 years)

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