Our work may speak volumes.
But our clients have the biggest voice.

Evanston Splash Pad Fund Inc.

I wanted to take a moment to send a note to let you know the incredible job that Lucas Garcia did for us.  He stopped by this afternoon after driving home all day from Denver.  I know he probably wanted to just get home but he stopped and saved our project.  We are building a splash pad and our concrete contractor poured concrete over top of our nozzles.  We have been at a standstill and this project has been 100% community fundraised.  Over $95,000 dollars has been put into it.  Lucas was professional, kind, helpful and more.  He found every nozzle and saved us.  I’m not sure if it’s possible but I highly recommend he be recognized with a bonus, raise, or something.  I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy with a company and employee as we are tonight.  I hope I have the correct email for his supervisor Joe listed here.  Rod, feel free to forward on to those in charge.  Lucas and Rod, thank you for all your help!


Thompson Construction, Inc

Thompson Construction Group, Inc. has worked with Penhall Company on multiple projects across the southeast, but most notably on the most recent site, covering various types of demolition and construction for the past year on a large industrial construction project here at Santee Cooper’s Cross Generating Station in Pineville, SC. Some examples of the work that Penhall has performed for Thompson are concrete cutting with curb saws, demolition, and removal of large foundations, ribbon cutting large, flat surfaces and jackhammering and demolishing those areas free of concrete, core drilling numerous holes of widely varying sizes along horizontal and vertical surfaces.

The hands-on supervision and project ownership displayed by Penhall’s Mr. Benny Dembo ensures that his team operates at the highest level of integrity and professionalism. Often when Thompson has used Penhall it has been in an outage situation where safety, timing, and production are paramount. Penhall has always successfully completed the work on time and within the agreed upon budget. They have a meticulous attention for detail, a great regard for safety, and are readily available and willing to answer any questions. With their numerous years of experience, they were more than capable of thoroughly handling any problems that arose.

In my opinion, Penhall would be an excellent choice to be considered as a critical team member of any industrial construction project.

Quick, Thorough, Safe

"All of your team and especially Willie carried themselves in a Responsible and Professional Manner. The work performed was carried out quickly, thoroughly and most importantly Safely.  I am Honored that Penhall was Involved in this Project and Look Forward to Utilizing them in Future Projects."- Don Moore. Interstate Restoration

Don Moore - Interstate Restoration

“Penhall Company has always been on the leading edge of technology, this (digital x-ray) is just one more example”


S.K. Choppin Demolition has worked with the Penhall Equipment Rental team ... for a number of years now. The Penhall Team has been a significant and essential source of help with rental equipment in our demolition operations in Southern California. They have been timely in their responses when we request delivery of equipment to project sites, and on numerous occasions, have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help our team execute on a world-class level. We will continue to be a customer of Penhall for our future equipment needs.

Scott K. Choppin, CEO
S.K. Choppin Demolition, Inc.

I contacted [Penhall] for 2 floor scans on [a] 5th floor room. [They were] able to come and complete the work needed by [the] afternoon.
We thank Penhall for always being accommodating for our project success.

Jeff Tom, Superintendent
Layton Construction Company, LLC

The scan done of our existing slab saved both the owner and myself money and headaches. The scanned lines were undocumented power lines for future expansion. If we would have hit those lines it would have been a mess and would have not only cost our project money, but also the project in the future that is planned for those lines. Thank you for what your team did.

Tim Snideman
Snideman Construction

Penhall Scanning Accuracy

[Penhall] was a huge factor in ensuring our coring program was a success and most of that is a direct reflection of the accuracy of your [Penhall] scanning.

Tim Forster, Foreman- Modern Niagara

Solution Driven

Graff’s detailed scanning reports, and approachable communication style was excellent for consultant reviews. Their ability to help each project customer understand unique site conditions, aided our decision making process throughout the project. When needed, Graff provided alternative solutions to difficult and specific site conditions. This type of solution driven culture stands them apart from their competitors and exceeded our expectations.

Andrew Fines
PCL Construction

Penhall Company far exceeded expectations by completing the work well ahead of schedule and in a professional manner.

Britt Hurlock, Miller & Long, MD

We are currently two months ahead of schedule due largely to the work ethic of Penhall and their crews. I have been working with Keith and his team many years. Even before they were part of the Penhall Company. I also worked with Keith before he went to work with Penhall while at Crowder Construction. Penhall Company has always been very responsive to my personal needs at every job that I have been in charge of. Our needs have always been completed in a timely manner. We have worked togther on the Cats Light Rail project and all of the cutters have been courteous and very professional while at the project. We are currently two months ahead of schedule due largely to the work ethic of Penhall and their crews.

J. Culp, Blythe Development, NC

I would like to thank you and your crews for doing an excellent job on the DST demo. . . your efforts in performing safely, working together to accomplish the common goal, and being proactive were outstanding. I could not have asked for better performance in such a challenging situation. I did not get a chance to personally tell your crews this upon their completion so please pass this along to them. Again thank you.

S. Adams, Skanska USA, OR

Just wanted to drop you and your team a line of appreciation on the great service Penhall provided on the bridge deck grinding needed for our project. Jeff Chachere was our contact person from start to finish. Jeff provided his professional advice which helped reassure both Webber &Tex Dot that not only would the job turn out right but in the timeline that was predicted as the lane closures that were needed were very sensitive to both Webber & Tex Dot. It truly was a pleasure working with Penhall glad the company keeps the people that help them be successful from state to state. I worked with Penhall in Arizona before coming to Texas . Thanks again for your service.

Richard Sena, Webber, TX

Thank you for your professionalism and willingness to help your customers. There have been countless times you and your crew have not only gone the extra mile but literally gone out of your way to meet our needs. Your products are unsurpassed and the customer service outstanding. Keep up the good work and just know, our success here at Absolute Demolition is a result of the quality vendors we choose to do business with. Our success is your success. Thanks again.

Rodney Lamm, Absolute Demolition, TX

I want to make sure you know that you and your company always do an outstanding job. You are always timely, professional and friendly. You and your crews have gained our trust and respect because you are always willing to go that extra mile for your clientele. Keep up the good work, we will always recommend you to our customers and our vendors

Frank Quiroz, Kore Plumbing, TX

Penhall Company – Seattle has provided demolition and saw cutting services for our corporate Costco and Trader Joes accounts on numerous occasions over the last 6 ears. Penhall has always responded in a timely and professional manner to any of our requests and followed through with strong performance on site. This professionalism can be seen all the way from management to their on-sit personnel. Some reasons why we use Penhall Company include: Safety – second to none; Reliable workforce; Penhall will leave the project cleaner than it was when they arrived; Penhall adapts to field problems; Penhall’s overall value is unmatched with the services they provide. For these reasons and many more, I plan to use Penhall Company on the projects ahead.

Todd McLean, J. Hughes Construction Inc., WA

Penhall has finished their work here for the generator job; they were safe and open to discuss safety. A good experience.

Dennis De Lange, GE Measurement and Control, NV

I want you to know that Penhall and specifically Mark Brae, had a huge part of the success of the overall project. From the initial saw cuts to coring the manhole, Mark did everything he said he would do, was punctual and regarding the core of the manhole, was nothing short of a hero! Our techs thought they could get the entry hole for the burst head big enough, but as the burst time got closer, they realized they would not be done in time. Mark got his crew over post haste and they cored the hole to perfection. Their timeliness and end result were the final piece for the successful curst of the pipe into the manhole. . We very much appreciate the job he [Mark] and Penhall did for Jet, not just on this project, but on all the projects where we need your services.

Jim Walker, Jet, NV

My Name is Paula Valle from East Bay Municipal Utilities District. I am the Equipment Support Dispatcher. I order everything from Backhoes to Saw Cutters. I would just like you to know that my experience with your Company Penhall has been exceptional. My contact person with your company is Dean McMillan. He always goes above and beyond for myself and EBMUD. He has never let me down. I have even called him last minute for jobs, because sometimes I don’t get calls to request Saw Cutting till the last minute. So to me your Company and Dean are always my go to guy for EBMUD work. I hope to be working with Dean and Penhall for a long time to come. Thank you for always taking care of us. It is appreciated!

Paula Valle, East Bay Municipal Utilities District, CA

Penhall Rentals has always gone above and beyond my expectations when it comes to customer service; equipment is delivered on time in great working order.

Tino Magdaleno, Remedial Construction Services, L.P., CA

I feel very confident placing an order with Penhall Rentals that the equipment will be ready to work when requested. The staff is very committed to ensuring all my needs are meet.

Greg Sherman, Remedial Construction Services, L.P., CA

We have always used Penhall Co. for our saw cutting and demo because of their skilled work force and attention to safety. All of that came into play when we contracted Penhall Co. to demolish and remove an existing concrete stairway which happen to be the entrance of one of AMC’s busiest theatres in the nation. This job had to be completed off hours with an intense work schedule that only a company like Penhall Co. would complete. As expected Penhall co. completed the job ahead of schedule with no incidents and would leave the job clean and dust free like they were never there. I will continue and always use Penhall Co. as long as I have demolition, saw cutting and core drilling to do.

Jordan Pyles, PMC Contractors, Inc., CA

We called Penhall for our wall sawing needs during the new building expansion project for Merck Pharmaceuticals’ Durham location.

Southern Industrial, NC

We utilized Penhall’s versatile service offerings throughout our work on Duke University’s Gross Hall.

Watson Electric, NC

In order to finish the HVAC renovations for the Wexford building, Penhall performed core drilling on elevated slabs on a number of the building’s seven levels. They also provided us with saw cutting, removal and pour back services for thousands of feet of slab.

Environmental Air Systems, NC

We partnered with Penhall to complete a considerable amount of concrete core drilling on the North End-Zone expansion at the U of A Wildcats Stadium.

M. Crane, Sturgeon Electric, AZ

Penhall’s Tucson branch did a tremendous amount of concrete sawing and core drilling for the Sun Link Streetcar transit system, which will open in late July 2014.

J. Bohne, Granite Construction, AZ

During recent renovations at the Kitt Peak Observatory, Penhall carried out the cutting and removal of the circular concrete foundation for our telescopes.

T. Folkers, University of Arizona Optical Science, AZ

Penhall performed the saw cutting and removal of multiple openings the in heavily reinforced concrete tanks at the Ina Road Treatment Plant Expansion job, where concrete varied from a foot to up to two feet in thickness.

M. Leaders, Kiewit, AZ

Penhall has been an important part of our general contracting business for many years. Together, we have tackled a variety of jobs including emergency saw cutting and excavation to fix a water main break, routine interior wall and finish removal, and getting a large part of an active airport terminal down to bare structure. We have also worked together on volunteer projects where Penhall brought their expertise, helpful ideas, equipment, and reliability- as they always do!

Tom Kittle, Kittle Design and Construction, AZ

Penhall has worked with Sun Mechanical on many projects, but most notable was the remodel of the North End Zone at the University of Arizona stadium. Penhall core drilled dozens of pipe penetrations and saw cut numerous duct openings in existing and often finished surfaces on this project. Their people were professional and courteous, went about doing their work and cleaned up their work area to everyone’s satisfaction. Often times they were asked to respond with less than 4 hours notice. We perform millions of dollars of retrofit work for the U of A and Penhall is our “go to” company for core drilling and saw cutting.

Marc A. Kinseth, Sun Mechanical Contracting, Inc., AZ

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know what a great job your folks are doing for us. Ty has been very responsive, courteous, and professional in all our dealings and the field guys always seem ready to go to work and represent Penhall well. Despite some of my poor planning and changing field conditions, they were all very accommodating and helpful. As a manager, I know a lot of communications can be negative; but I felt it was important to share how thankful we are for all Penhall does for us.

Steven Jackson, C.R. Jackson, Inc., SC

Penhall was contracted to provide slab cutting and removal for a new drainage system inside an active paint booth in an aircraft manufacturing facility. The high standards of housekeeping and maintaining air quality were exceeded by Penhall. Penhall met or exceeded all expectations in regard to both their field operations and the responsiveness of their management. They were able to beat the original schedule and give us float time in our schedule. We will use Penhall for our concrete cutting, coring, and demo needs whenever possible.

J. Beech, Donley's, SC

Penhall saw cut an elevated slab 34’ above the finished floor elevation. The Penhall technician encountered more reinforcing steel than anticipated and remained working on site until 8:00 p.m. The same Penhall technician was on site at 6:30 a.m. the next morning to complete the job to meet our construction schedule. Penhall provided their own safety and fall protection equipment and worked safely despite tight conditions.

Nate Cecil, Wharton-Smith, Inc., AL

We use Penhall DBA Concrete Coring Company of Hawaii for all our Concrete and Asphalt Sawing. They cut our roadway trenches, sidewalks, for loop detector installation, and curbs. Makaena (Sawing and Drilling Manager) is always there to service our needs as they arise. No matter how tight the schedule may be, they are always on time and willing to work with us to get the job done. Their crews are attentive to our company’s needs in all aspects of the job. Safety and Quality are their number one concern and they strive to make it right for the customer. John Neff and his team deserve a lot of credit for the service they provide to us. That is why we use Concrete Coring exclusively.

Steven Endo, Jack Endo Electric, HI

Penhall performed grooving and saw cutting work on the Reef Runway at Honolulu International Airport. The work entailed grooving the entire 12,000’ length of runway within a tight 3-phase schedule. Penhall completed the work on time while meeting airport safety, security, and operational requirements. Overall, Penhall crews and management performed on a professional level.

Charles Borromeo, Jas. W. Glover, HI

Penhall has been a reliable and trusted subcontractor on many of our projects throughout Hawaii. They conduct their work professionally and consistently meet our safety, quality, and environmental requirements. In addition, Penhall’s flexibility allows us to meet our challenging schedule needs, which is vital to our success.

R. Wong, Kiewit Infrastructure, HI

We would like to thank Penhall on the job that was completed in Meridian @ Mt. Vernon Phase II. Penhall was contracted to saw cut and remove three large openings, in concrete up to two feet in thickness, connecting a new parking garage to an existing garage. Penhall Company far exceeded expectations by completing the work well ahead schedule and in a professional manner. Their attention and safety in field operations were key factors in the success of the project.

Britt Hurlock, Miller & Long, MD

Thank you for the excellent work Penhall accomplished at Songs Nuclear Plant. You’re craft and Penhall supervision was top notch. With all the demolition we accomplish it was the first time we did so without even one bandage. That says a lot considering the amount of Demolition completed. The effort your people put into safety was noticed and some of your procedures have been adopted for future demolition projects. We look forward to working with you and your Company again in the near future. Thanks again for taking the attitude you took to make our project a complete success.

Terry Vesely, CB&I, CA

Regarding your operator and the job he performed, I was very impressed with his performance. He was here on time . . . We discussed what I was looking for and he got right at it. I was surprised by his quickness. The job was completed in 3 hours. I would not hesitate to call Penhall again.

Mike Maguire, University Art - San Jose, CA

I would like to take a moment and express my thanks to Penhall for a project well done. Penhall was represented very well on this project . . . and exceeded our expectations.

D. Huddleston, Gray, CA

Penhall Company/Graff has provided demolition and saw cutting services for OHL/FCC Limited Partnership on Toronto-York-Spadina Subway extension on numerous occasions over the last two years. Penhall has always responded in a timely and professional manner to any of our requests and followed through with strong performance on site. This professionalism can be seen all the way from management to their on-site personnel. Penhall has been involved in various capacities on our current TTC project, providing tailored solutions for everything from road cutting to saw cutting of precast tunnel liners. Work has always been performed as requested and completed to satisfaction without any issues. Their wealth of experience on such projects has been invaluable to our progress.

P. Grier, OHL FCC, Canada

Dagmar Construction has enjoyed an excellent relationship with Penhall Company/Graff for over 25 years. During that time, Penhall has proven to be well-organized, professional, and efficient. Their jobs are well scheduled and organized, which makes life easier for us. Recently Penhall completed a significant and challenging bridge modification/demolition project for us that required all of their experience, expertise and professionalism to complete on time and on budget. Additionally, their customer relations and attention to safety was exceptional, particularly in dealing with a demanding owner. We highly recommend Penhall Company to any company.

T. Wegner, Dagmar Construction, Inc., Canada

Alberici Constructors has had the pleasure of working with Graff/Penhall Company on numerous challenging projects throughout Ontario. We would like to express our great appreciation to their team for the manner in which they worked with us in operating Auto Plants and Water Treatment Facilities. We have always experienced an enjoyable professional working relationship with Penhall and have no hesitation in recommending them for work to any perspective client.

D. Lauppe, Alberici Constructors, Canada

We have used Penhall exclusively for all our sawing and core drilling since they entered the local market. They have worked closely with us to coordinated scheduling on projects large and small. Their staff is well-trained, fully equipped and consistently demonstrate that safety is incredibly important. We have worked injury-free with Penhall for over 15 years.

T. Birdwell, A&R Services Inc., IL

Penhall Company provided deep saw cutting services during all phases of the terminal apron expansion project. They cut all of the demo concrete for the project ranging from 21” – 24”. They are always punctual when they come out and leave a clean area when they are finished. They bring a workforce sufficient to complete the task in a timely manner and have even worked nights and weekends to finish the job. What sets the Penhall team apart is that they will do what is necessary to accommodate the customer.

M. Benton, O.L. Thompson Construction Co., Inc., SC

I just want to say thank you for the overall great performance of the Penhall organization on campus! Amgen has a first-in-class safety program, so the bar is set high. Penhall met and exceeded our safety expectations from their safety planning to their daily pre-work safety meetings and detailed field safety inspections. The crews have worked on numerous projects here with different construction teams and the feedback is positive from everyone. I was also pleased that the field crews disseminated information all the way down to the actual workers--which normally is challenging, at best! The Penhall team was compliant, presented themselves professionally, and their attention to safety was evident and appreciated.

Amgen, CA

Jacobsen Construction and Penhall Company's long standing relationship was further enhanced during a challenging portion of our project. The project required removal of existing slab on grade for a structural upgrade. The work was challenging with limited access and required extreme care to be taken around existing equipment and protection of existing finishes. Penhall performed their work in an efficient and effective manner, which allowed us to achieve our goal and satisfy the owners’ needs.

K. Walter, Jacobsen Construction, SC

Penhall does a fantastic job servicing our cutting needs and goes above and beyond our expectations. They offer reliable, professional, and courteous service, and the crew is very timely and dependable, which makes our job a lot easier. We recommend Penhall to everyone we know who requires their service because the pride they take in their work really shows.

R. Jones and M. Powrzanas, Jones Utility & Karma Construction, AL

In observing Penhall, it was immediately obvious that they had the skills and capabilities necessary to perform the work we needed. It was also obvious that the Penhall crew and their on-site management were extremely focused on safety. They repeatedly demonstrated effective planning and communication with their personnel, as well as with other work groups on the Project, including Kiewit. Their repetitive reinforcement of “Safety First” started with their first meeting in the morning and continued throughout the work day. They not only talked about safety, they demonstrated it in all their activities. I was very impressed by their communications, their conduct of work, work activity preparations, peer checking, and their willingness to utilize a questioning attitude. The Penhall team truly “Talked the Talk and Walked the Walk” for safety with their people. Using a term from my military days, BRAVO ZULU to Penhall, job well done!

A. Arnold, Kiewit Power Nuclear, CA & AZ

Penhall Company has come to our plant in MS to core drill and saw cut many panels for us in the past year. They are always reliable and punctual and do what is asked in a timely and efficient manner -- all while keeping safety a top priority. The Penhall team has even gone out of their way to be there for us when we were in a time-critical situation. This included coming to the job site in the evening to complete the job before our deadline. I highly recommend Penhall for safe, efficient, cost-effective work.

R. Warren, Tindall Corp., MS

A-1 would like to thank your organization for the services you provided recently . . .
Your services meet all the job requirements specified. Your team not only performed the job in a timely manner, but kept the job area clean and safe. We use your company for all our core drilling/saw cutting needs and will continue to do so. Furthermore, we will recommend your company to anyone in need of Core Drilling or Saw Cutting services

Bobby Bailey, A-1 Industrial Maintenance, Inc., AL

Penhall’s field performance is excellent. Their crews show up when scheduled with good equipment and a trained professional crew. From very small to larger demo projects, Penhall is our first choice for our demolition needs.

C. Glastetter, Frank P. Petrilli & Son, Inc., CA

Penhall mobilized to the jobsite at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, TX and immediately brought a professional and safety-oriented attitude to the jobsite. You could definitely tell the Penhall crew had a well thought out plan and were looking to get their work done in a timely manner. I felt they provided an added level of safety to the project in how they planned and operated while removing some 40 ft tall existing brick veneer columns, 5000 lb. precast panels at a 3rd story parapet, and 330 LF of concrete parapet wrapping the entire building. Penhall also did a great job of coordinating with the other onsite trades to ensure no one was put in danger.

D. Schulz, Kiewit Building Group, TX

Bill Stacey Construction has had the pleasure working with Penhall Company throughout the years on various concrete projects. More recently we teamed together at the Scottsdale Library and Civic Center for our successfully completed concrete improvements project. This job required phasing and planning that was crucial for its successful completion, our main contact with Penhall handled with ease.

B. Stacey, Bill Stacey Construction Inc., AZ

Penhall was responsible for the saw cutting/ breaking and removal of the concrete drives and walks in our occupied facility. My staff and I are extremely impressed with the work performed in the short time allotted. Penhall is safety conscious, efficient, schedule driven, and professional.

W. Mock, Herman and Kittle Properties, LA

My association with Penhall Company for the past decade has been very positive. Penhall has a history of timely and successful completion of all projects and demonstrate outstanding knowledge of the saw cut/ core drill business. Penhall Company has completed the saw cut/ core drill work on various projects (large and small) for my company, including the most recent; UAB's Women & Infants Clinic (2009, 23011), St. Vincent's East Psych Ward Addition (2011) and St. Vincent's East Psych Ward Addition PH II and LDRP this year (2013). I recommend Penhall Company to any company without reservation.

K. Julian, PSI, AL

You guys did an awesome job. Penhall crew members arrived early for the coring job, assessed the situation and scope of work we needed done, jumped on it, and were well-equipped (and/or made due with what was available) to complete a tough job quickly, professionally, cleanly, and with a great attitude.

J. Owens, Classic Paving Services, Inc., CA

Penhall arrived with an army of workers to demo the concrete in an active production building. The area had to be sectioned off with plastic curtains and special exhaust fans to assist in any dust that might migrate into the productions areas of the plant. Penhall responded to the challenge by supplying all of the saw-cutting machines and demo equipment with scrubbers to help reduce any diesel exhaust buildup (which would shut the process down). On one particular night they had over 86 20-ton semis load out inside the building without any complaints. All of the process slurry was disposed via a recycler to salvage the water for grey water reuse and the concrete itself was sent to a local recycler. Overall the project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget and SAFE.

J. Tolbert, Burns & McDonnel, TX

Penhall Company drilled 360 holes 4 feet deep for epoxy anchoring of high-strength steel bars to post tension the existing FGD foundation. The work took place in a very loud and congested area, in an operational facility. Penhall performed all work in a safe manner and ahead of schedule, exceeding production expectations. Approximately 1/3 of the work occurred during outage, and drilling was completed four shifts early. Penhall was an integral part of our project’s success.

J. Wargel, Bowen Engineering Corp., IN

Penhall Company provided saw-cutting of walls and floors, and completed the work in a timely and professional manner. We appreciate Penhall’s teamwork approach and look forward to future projects.

A. Bass, Fletcher, MS

We hired Penhall for an extremely difficult demolition project due to the heavily reinforced concrete used in the water treatment plant. All work was performed in accordance with the contract plans and specifications along with close coordination with Colorado Cleanup supervisors. The Penhall team understood that safety was of utmost importance and exceeded all safety requirements for the project.

C. Formanek, Colorado Cleanup Corp, CO

Penhall Company was our first choice in assembling our team for a massive seismic upgrade. There were many technical questions and staging requirements in order to complete this undertaking safely and in a timely fashion. We knew that Penhall’s personnel were experienced, safe, clean, and professional enough to be respectful of the work environment (a church facility). Water control was also a big issue in sizing up the job. Penhall’s job engineer came up with solutions in every case to mitigate the water and keep the fully operational facility clean. In addition, the cutting team was able to effectively perform the work on time and within budget.

A. Hyde, C&C Contractors, UT

Our project presented unusual obstacles as it involved expanding a facility that was still in operation. At all times the Penhall crew was reliable and available to assist, plan, and resolve any of the tough challenges encountered during construction. They excelled in undertaking demanding tasks including saw-cutting concrete with embedded steel and performing large diameter to small diameter deep coring (all despite a zero contamination environment with strict fire prevention imposed by the client). From bidding and planning, to invoicing and payment, Penhall’s professional and courteous experts helped turn a difficult project into a success, Their Estimators and Field Technicians were always available and ready to mobilize in a moment’s notice to meet our demanding schedule. Penhall is a real pleasure to work with!

DJ. Lancour, L. Baker Construction Canada, ULC, SC

Penhall Company has been a consistently competitive bidder in a tough building economy. They back their competitive pricing with reliable service and flexible scheduling to consistently meet our project needs. Penhall Company is a pleasure to work with and will continue to be a regularly solicited subcontractor by Erickson-Hall Construction Co.

Z. Zander, Erickson-Hall Construction Co., CA

The Penhall team is always willing to do anything asked of them. They are responsive and bend over backward to supply us with a crew of people-- even on very short notice. Even on complex projects the Penhall team works quickly, efficiently, and safely.

R. Maurer, Crowder, NC

Penhall Company provides timely and accurate estimates at the beginning of each project our company bids and always gets the job off to a good start. Their staff shows up on time and gets the job done promptly and safely.

J. Schmidt, Beniach Construction Co.Inc., IL

The Penhall team always comes prepared with a shared sense of urgency and shows the expertise and professionalism that is required for the projects we are involved in. We truly appreciate all the service you guys have provided over the years to help make our projects successful.

J. Jenkins, UpTime Electric Co. Inc., CO

Our work was a last minute change that required working around finished materials. Penhall was not only punctual, they also cleaned up all of the debris and wiped down the adjacent work in place. Excellent Job.

Travis Gamble, Park Crossing High School, AL

I cannot say enough good things about the Penhall Company. We have used some other players in town, but in my opinion none match Penhall’s ability to respond quickly, safely and as professionally. They understand the scope of work, and many times offer solutions that save time, money, and improve the overall outcome of the task at hand. The operators who perform the work in the field are always willing to lend a hand and keep us informed every step of the way. I find Penhall to be a can-do contractor who I do not hesitate to call first when I need the scope of their services.

N. Ivey, Gilbane Building CO, VA