Penhall Company History

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LB Penhall Company, Inc. was formed by Leroy Penhall in 1957 as a masonry contractor in Anaheim, CA.
The Anaheim “Orange Grove Development Boom” of the late 1950’s was the catalyst that compelled Leroy to buy his first concrete saw. The gas powered diamond saw allowed Penhall Company to broach laborious concrete tasks with precision and speed.

By 1963 Penhall Company had grown to 13 employees doing concrete sawing, breaking and removal jobs full-time. Penhall Company had quickly become the exceptional and reliable choice for concrete services in the California Southland.

Penhall History TimelineIn the mid-1970s, nearly 20 years after the doors opened, Penhall Company had expanded beyond Anaheim to offices in Riverside, CA., Camarillo, CA., Los Angeles, CA., Oakland, CA., and into San Diego, CA.
Leroy Penhall, an avid pilot, died with his wife in a plane crash in the California High Sierra Mountains in July of 1975.

Roger Stull became the owner of Penhall Company in 1975. Penhall Company continued to grow not only in market share for concrete sawing, drilling breaking, and removal, but also in expanded contractor and infrastructure services for highway renovation and modification work and structural demolition of any size and scope.

In 1998, John Sawyer became President. Under his leadership the company continued to grow with acquisitions in: Denver, CO., Salt Lake City, UT., Raleigh, NC., Portland, OR., Atlanta, GA., Birmingham, AL., Hawaii, Toronto, CA and other North American markets.

In 2001 the company began to offer Scanning with Ground Penetrating Radar. This service allows contractors to “see” what is below grade or in a concrete floor or wall before penetrating, demolition, or other work was done. Today scanning services are available throughout the US and Canada and is a shining example of the company’s ability to evolve with the concrete market.

C. George Bush became President and CEO of Penhall Company in 2006. George Bush lead the initiative to improve the company’s safety performance by implementing programs to create a culture focused on safety in this high risk, specialty construction business. Acquisitions were made in the Midwest and East Coast grinding and grooving markets to expand our presence in the highway rehabilitation market.

In March 2015, Jeff Long was named President and CEO of Penhall Company and he will continue to carry the torch of the great company that LB Penhall founded 58 years ago.

Prompt, courteous customer service, with a focus on quality work and well maintained, clean equipment was a standard that Leroy Penhall established and is still maintained in 2015. Today Penhall Company is the largest provider of concrete cutting, concrete breaking, excavation and concrete highway grinding services in the United States.

Penhall Company has come a long way from our humble beginning of only a single diamond saw. The one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to providing the highest level of service to our customers and completing every job safely, professionally and with exceptional quality.