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Penhall Technologies provides utility locating, employing both electromagnetic induction (EMI) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) for privately owned property. We can identify and locate subsurface hazards and obstructions existing in the ground. Reduce the risk and help ensure the safety of your next project by contacting Penhall Technologies for your private utility locating needs.

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Identify and mark electrical lines and water pipes before installing a pool

Identify and mark electrical lines and water pipes before installing a poolIn Orange County, CA a private residential group sought out Penhall Technologies to perform utility locating to find both electrical and water lines before digging a 40×40 square foot area for a new backyard pools.

Locate underground water lines, storm drains, and electrical lines before undergoing construction at a high school

Underground utility locate to identify water lines and storm drainsA high school in Whittier, CA fields needed new lights installed on the baseball field. In order to keep the project safe, on time, and on budget, Penhall Technologies came out to perform underground utility locating to identify all utilities including water lines, storm drains, and electrical wires prior to any construction.

Ground penetrating radar used to identify water lines on private residential property

Utility locate using GPR antenna to identify water lines at private residenceBefore having a backyard patio removed and re-poured, Penhall Technologies used the 400MHz Utility cart to locate a water line that ran 25 feet long at a private residence in Altadena, CA.

Ensure safety when expanding parking lot by locating utilities beforehand

Locating utilities before expanding parking lotIn order to safely expand parking capacity at one of the world’s most famous amusement parks in Anaheim CA, Penhall used ground penetrating radar to locate underground electrical cables and conduits to ensure the lines are avoided during expansion.  As a result, the general contractor had the green light to proceed with the project safely.

Locate all utilities to ensure safety before demolition

Utility survey prior to demolitionAt a local high school in Harbor City, CA underground utility locating was performed to identify all utilities for future installation of overhead lighting. Penhall Technologies provided written field reports to document layout of identified utilities.

Identify water and gas lines before undergoing renovation

locating water and gas lines In Long Beach, CA at one of the largest U.S. aluminum and titanium forging suppliers, both GPR and RD technology was used to locate and identify the patterns of both water and gas lines. The utilities to be located spanned the length of just shy of 3/4 mile. The use of utility locating will keep the overall renovation project on time and on budget.

Detect hazards before constructing a new parking structure with GPR scanning

Identify areas were clear of hazards before constructing new parking structureAt one of the nation’s most well known neuro-rehabilitation centers, underground utility locating was performed on 1/2 square mile area in order to identify the best possible location for new and improved parking structures. Field reports were generated and provided to clients for future reference.