Utility & Pipe Locating using GPR in Bakersfield, CA

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Penhall Technologies Scanning Analyst Lucas


  • OSHA 30 Certified
  • GSSI UtilityScan and StructureScan Mini Certified
  • AWP Boom/Scissor Lift Certified
  • Geologist-In-Training (GIT) registration for the state of California
  • 3 years experience performing open hole wireline logging for the oil & gas industry.

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Identify where utilities run with ground penetrating radar

Locate utilities within a building In Westlake Village, CA a customer in a large office building needed to identify and mark all utilities that were running into a particular suite. Using the RD 7100 and GSSI 400MHz antenna, the utilities were found and a report was generated and provided to the customer for their records.

Determine if there are existing utilities before an expansion or remodel

locating utilities in parking lotIn Fullerton, CA a local engineering firm needed to identify whether or not there were any utilities present in an adjacent abandonded parking lot that would be repurposed for an expansion of an existing structure. Penhall Technologies was able to locate and identify the underground utilities and helped keep the project safe and on schedule.

Locate underground utilities before trenching for installing electrical conduit

locating electrical conduit before trenchingElectrical lines at a large hardware store in Anaheim, CA were located prior to digging a trench. GPR technology was used to locate the current location of the electrical conduit and to ensure the new area for the electrical conduit was free and clear of any other hazards or utilities.