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Ground penetrating radar used to determine multiple layers and thickness of each layer

utility locating to determine asphalt, concrete, and sand layersIn Pascagoula, MS, we performed GPR scanning for an engineering company using our utility cart. The company needed to understand what utilities were under asphalt, concrete and sand layers in a 100 x 10 foot area about 8 to 10 feet deep. We were able to approximate the thickness of each asphalt, concrete, and sand layer because the moisture levels were controlled and the spacing of the rebar allowed us to gather sufficient information.

Locate utilities using GPR scanning for military base

locate utilities at military base A general contracting company asked Penhall Technologies to perform GPR scanning at a military base.  We used a 400 MHz antenna and a utility scan cart to locate the utilities that were about 3 feet deep, in a 240 x 90 foot area.